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Zoe Smith 2013


I held the opal ring in my hands, and for a moment I forgot I was robbing the jewels shop, “Frances we have to get out of here before the death guards get us” my associate Jenny whisper yelled, “Ok ok” I said with irritation in my voice.
We clambered into the ventilation shaft that we used to get in, and proceeded to exit onto the top of the roof, “I am gonna take this to Dmitry I will see you back at the flat” “Sure, hey will you make sure you get him to give you at least $100,000 this time I mean $80,000 last time was just a rip-off” she said while shooting a rope across the buildings “Consider it done jenny”.
I put the ring in a bag and placed it I my pocket and ran off across the roof jumping over to the next one with ease. I continued for 5 minutes until I reached my destination. I stepped off the ledge and onto the roof, I saw who I was seeking “Do you have the ring?” he spoke with a thick Russian accent, and released a breath of cigarette smoke, pervading the air with his awful stench, “Yes I do, do you have the money?” I asked with a slight cough, “Yes $90,000” “I want nothing over $110,000, that or no ring and I will go to another trader, and you will lose your best customer” I said dangling the ring in its bag right in front of his nose, I knew he had more than $90,000, he just is a greedy pig and wants it for himself.
I continued to dangle the ring on front of a him for a good minute or two before he spoke again, “I will give you $105,000 and no more” he grinned “I really can’t lose my best customer”, I passed him the ring and he passed over the money, adding some more to it “It’s been a pleasure doing business you Frances” “And you too Dmitry, I expect I will be hearing from you soon” I asked “Yes very soon”.
I adjusted the back pack of money and jumped onto the fire escape, flipping myself down delicately into the alleyway.
I went into the street and walked until I reached the hidden apartment Jenny and I shared. It was behind a gritty old grocer.
I opened the door and saw Jenny rushing towards the backpack, she looked like a kid in a candy store, “How much did we get, how much did we get?” she said excitedly, “$105,000, no less” “More shoes for me then” Jenny squealed as she grabbed a pile of the money from the bag and tossed it around the room, “Ok calm, we have a couple of debts to pay remember, we have to pay $10,000 to Rafael and $15,000 to Johann for helping with ……… him” I said with a shudder.
Just as we mentioned the case from years ago, we heard a noise, “What was that?” we turned around and saw ……….. him.
We looked and saw the scars and the bloodshot eyes, the mission that was never truly accomplished, the mission to kill, and was on that mission, like we were all those years ago.

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