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Vanessa Kirkwood 2013

The Never Song

Far Away

Although the Clicking Clock did Count

I walked alone,

And few could know,

Because they'd all ceased to be,


So I went along,

Singing to my song,

Towards the wondrous tree,


Where lovely Lily's danced about,

Away from their certainty,

That life went on without a wrong,


That made fit home for me,

So did I bless the angel’s name,

And came back home nevermore.


Cause I was lost in my own thought,

Where nothing ever went right,

And so came the day,


Where I crossed the light,

And joined the downfallen cease,

Because they changed not, they still stood there,

Before my very feet. 

There was a Place filled with Wonder

There was a place filled with wonder,
I’d seen it in a dream before,
Thy danced about my tiny room,
Somewhere near the drawer.
When I awoke one night
From my sleepless haze
My eyes opened to the greatest fright,
That sent my tears alight.
The claw formed first,
Followed by a growl,
Then without a second chance,
It launched itself with howl.
Not knowing what was I’d seen,
I gently held my head,
Until something horrible happened,
That left me nothing but dead.

I heard the sound a mile away, of
At once far off then near.
But what should I call this voice?
Perhaps just a wondering noise.
But happy little flower buds began to ope their golden eyes,
And though would recall the prettiness,
As the flowers did arise!
I watched and gazed with happiness,
But what other shall I see?
Nothing but a ghost, a voice,
A paper thin golden key.


​Although the ticking clock did count by two’s and three’s,
It made no sense to her at all,
That there was such a key:
That opened all but one small thing,
That fit there on the right,
Just beside the little ring,
That close thing she did fright.
Now here she goes,
Along the road,
Towards the settled place.
Where a lovely person did stand still,
Throughout her desolate grace. 

We Were Us

All the While She Watched the Sky

​I was stupid and fragile,
You were strong and agile.
I was helpless and wronged,
You were brave and prolonged.
I was vengeful and stubborn,
You were tall and adjourn.
I was stupid and reckless,
You were smart and pretentious.
I needed you more,
You needed me less,
I needed you to endure,
You needed me as your test.
The one day I came to find you,
You had gone away,
And since then you were lost,
In some place else to stay.
I looked for you all day,
Until I came to your house,
People were crowded around in grey,
Their immediate space aroused.
You were gone
Somewhere far away,
I needed you most,
But now I was just your ghost.

All the while she watched the sky,
Like a heaven’s gate to her one love's cry.
But meekly she has blessed it still,
That rounded clock by the old bridges till.
Swiftly she did waltz along,
Towards that place she was once wrong.
She paid no attention at all
She just walked along by her once loved fall.
The day that came it all turned grey,
And her memories just fell away.
Since then she was down,
Never able to leave her ghost town.

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