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Valentina Di Tomasso

The wind blew.

A wolf howled.

The storm presented a sudden crash as the waves in the distance rose.



“Are you sure you want to do this, Cyan?” Chandra questioned. “The god may not be there & that lake looks very drown-able.”

I paused with a state of worry while second-guessing what I’m about to do.

My life’s changed ever since my Grandma passed away… she was my last family member. My mum died when I was three, & I’ve never been able to meet my dad.

I’ve got to find the correct forest with the god; if they’re there.

“Look Cyan…” Odin began. “This is a risk taking movement, but I do see your life struggles. It’s up to you.”

 I eyed Thuronto Lake ahead of us as its waves got larger & larger & the storm grew bigger & bigger.



I stood still. I want life…


I went for it, racing out of the forest & to the wooden canoe by the lake that was probably going to fall apart soon, but I didn’t care.

I pulled out my compass whilst Chandra & Odin sprinted towards me seeming more alarmed than ever.

“You made up your mind?” Chandra quickly asked.

I wanted to hesitate again, but released a definite “yes.”

In that canoe I got, eyeing the waves that were already submerging me.

I don’t have a choice…

I picked up the paddles & made a splash into the lake.



“Cyan!!” Odin screamed in panic. I refused to look back.



I gripped those paddles with every muscle I had, glaring at the waves while barely floating over them one by one. I repeated the same technique on the next one.

“The god must be there,” I thought.

I continued with the canoeing that was really testing my concentration; have to see if I can keep this going.

Wait a minute… my friends! I turned around. “Chandra!!! Odin!!!”

They began to fade away. I sighed.

I gloomily continued on this journey while suddenly noticing something extreme raging towards me… Oh my…

I gazed at that giant wave forging closer & closer to me. I crouched into a ball expecting  this adventure to be vastly over.


I blinked.

I blinked again.

I slowly managed to unfold open my eyes as I carefully glanced around me.



Wait what… I’m on the other side! I got up off my feet & turned to face the bush ahead of me.

“That’s it!” I thought. This is the forest!

I gave a soft smile as I carefully strolled into the woodland, noticing a beautiful gleam of light reflecting off the tree beside me.   

I could smell the freshness in the air of the delightful greenery.

This is the time... I thought. I know it is.

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