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Tenisha Arceri 2015


Help Us

Brown hair, blue eyes

Fake laughs, dark mind

Pretending to be happy

But can’t you see

The darkness is slowly

 Swallowing me.

A small ray of light still shines through

That must be hope

That’s coming from you

Surprise, surprise someone’s here

Finally, Help

After all these years

You say you love me

Is that true?

Where were you at when I need you?

Oh that’s right you weren’t next to me

While I cried every night

 So here I am half-way consumed

But once I’m gone….

The darkness will be coming after you

There’s a scream next door

In the house of violence

She screams for help

But then there was silence

She had been murdered

Her life had been taken away

Looking into his eyes for she was his pray 

She had been suffocated

Her body beaten and frail

Strangled by the neck

Until she turned pale

She must have been scared

Knowing she was about to die

Her life ending in such a way

Brought a tear to my eye

Somebody please save us

I want to go home

I can’t take it being trapped here

All on my own 

I can hear them coming

There are voices outside my door

I know why they are here

They have come to hurt me some more




Though We Forget

Though we forget

Of a love in which we need

We always do things

In which we cannot exceed

But think of this

It may take a week

A month or even a year

But there nothing like true love to appear

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