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Taylor Gerada 2014

As the Moon


Seeping with sadness

Tonight I'm not comforted

By the sky

Drunken with stars

For my aching heart

Has finally broken

And I feel as lonely 

As the moon

but you are the sun
and i am the moon
you brighten the day
and give every thing life
whilst i find myself
alone at nightt



every breath he takes is poetry 
and flowers grow from the words 
he lays before me 
and i wish to tend this garden 
to let it bloom 
but he has not given me water 
so the flowers wither and die 
and as do i 
and he offers her rain 
whilst i suffer drought 
and she grows an orchard
whilst i stare at dirt 
and she picks the fruit of his love 
whilst i am left with nothing
bar a dwindling memory 
of how i watched her trees grow tall 
and her garden flourish 
whilst my flowers wilted 
and became the earth


one day
you're going to find someone
who makes you see beauty 
in the ugliest parts of life
who makes you find the light
in the darkest parts
of yourself


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