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Sommai Krechowitsch 2013/14

Listen Hurt, It's for Eternity

Dear familiar friend, I am walking alone, but I’ll keep going.


It’s like no-one understands me. The pain feels like it will never really stop, I need help; I have no-one to guide me the rest of the way

I’m lost, it’s like being stranded out at sea with no perspective what so ever.


I can’t take it anymore, they say ‘’time heals all wounds’’, yet inside; the scars are hidden.


No soul hears you screaming, the soul inside of me is bleeding.  It must be time to find a fresh start, or just give up completely…


The only sounds I hear are the screaming of the abandoned. They echo through the streets.


Suddenly it started pouring, the rain drops give me chills, and I know it’s tough, but I know that I won’t give up.


On this night the never ending battle has me yearning to find my strength, but I fight & I’ll try to not give up.


Dead ‘but’ alive, I’m waiting to be noticed, but now I’m slowly giving up on myself.  I’m trying to find any sign of broken light but I discover only little fragments of my past.

I can think of many reasons to let go, even though I’m slowly breaking down its all an endless nightmare which burns a hole in my dreams of becoming strong once and for all. But I keep fighting, pain is;     whispers of the broken reaching for the dawn of the day. I can hear their voices in my head saying ‘’can you please not give up. Keep going for us’’.


My happiness took a break, a long break, but it’s OK because I know, it will get better, its love it’s inside me.


The girl who was afraid,

Afraid of not being perfect.

The girl that always worried.

She constantly smiled from ear to ear

As society caved in,

The pressure is to always win.

The fight was more than difficult.

The only aim was perfection.

Like princesses and Barbie dolls,

All with not one single flaw.

The appearance of one,

Can and will, destroy all.


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