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Shayley Ribchester 2017

I'm Watching You

The lights flickered as we stepped into the unknown. The floorboards creaked as we made our way through the hallway. Strung across the stone walls were framed portraits and I felt their eyes piercing through my skull. My friends and I had just stepped into the forbidden house at the top of Mill Grove. Our parents had warned us not to go in, but we were all curious about the mysterious house. It is told that no one has ever come out alive. We knew that this was untrue, but we were too scared to make a sound.

 As we came to the living room the air grew colder and our teeth started to chatter. Suddenly we here a scream coming from upstairs. My heart pounds as the scream gets louder. The words “I’m watching you!” sweep through the house. All of us give each other horrified looks as we realise that Julian is missing. Immediately we bolt to the wooden door, but it is locked and there were no windows for us to climb out of. We were stuck! Everyone starts to panic as we realise that this was it. Some began to cry screaming out for help. But no one came near this house, so no one would hear us weep. We decide to keep moving as we were going to die anyway, when we realise that the twins, Ava and Tiffany had gone missing. We knew what was coming next, and we were right. We heard them screaming and then them saying the same words “I’m watching you!” What was that supposed to mean? As we walked through the house the same thing kept on happening over and over again, with the same words being spoken every time. We tried to stop it by holding on to each other. But one by one the numbers of our group were dwindling.

Until it came to the point where only myself and Caleb were left. We knew what was going to happen next. Around every corner I wished for someone to be there and say, we were just joking or something like that. But deep down I knew it wasn’t a joke. Every room in this house gave me the creeps, until I found the kitchen. I don’t know how long we had been trapped, but it was long enough for me to be hungry. I call out to Caleb “Hey look there’s food!” But nothing but silence fills the empty room. “Caleb?” I whisper. Then I hear what I dreaded most. Caleb screaming and repeating those disturbing words.

What was I to do? I was the last one left. All by myself. In a massive house that killed people. I realise the only way I might survive this was to run. So I bolt around the house like a maniac. Screaming my lungs out, in terror. All of my surroundings were dull and lifeless, just like how I will be in a few minutes. I started thinking of all of the things I’ll miss out on. Until I see a shadow in the hallway. Relief overcomes me as I see a familiar face. “Oh thank god I found you, I was so worried! Where have you been?” I say relieved. They come out of the shadows. “I’ve been watching you!”

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