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Rhiann Sterry 2013

Dream of all Dreams

Chapter 1


Birthday Surprise

‘Knock, Knock’                                                            

“Hello!!” Someone yelled.                                                                                                             

I jumped out of bed, swung my dressing gown on and ran to the front door.

“Hi. Mum??” I say confused to see her.                     

“What are you doing here??”

“What do you think; it’s your 24th birthday silly!” She said.

I hate birthdays, especially my own because that gives my family an excuse to come and visit me. As much as I love her, I don’t like seeing my mother that often, she’s just too annoying.                                                                           

“Are you going to let me in??!!” she protested                

“Or leave me in the heat!! I’ll boil, crack and will need shell surgery, we’re eggs remember!”

So I let her in, I can’t just leave her out there as much as I would like to.

“What would you like to do today Humpty?” She asked oh so curious.

“I don’t mind, why don’t we just stay inside?” I suggested

“No that’s boring! Let’s go for a picnic down at the park.” Mum said.

I didn’t like the sound of the idea but I hadn’t been out of the house in a couple of weeks. So I didn’t jump at it, but I was glad she had suggested that.

“Alright, I’ll get changed now.” I stated.

“And I’ll get the food.” Mum added.

It was all happening, until….


“WHAT!!” My mum cried, running in the room.  

“I have a crack!!” I said terrified.                                          

“What will I do?”

“We’ll bandage you up then you’ll be 100% fine for the park.” Mum suggested.

So that’s what we did. It was a success.




Chapter 2



“Are you ready honey??” Mum called from the kitchen.

“Yes, in a second.” I replied quickly.

I grabbed a couple of things and headed to the front door.

I wasn’t sure on which park mum was taking me to, so I chucked my sunnies on, jumped in the car and had a snooze.

“MY PHONE!” mum screeched. “I’m going back to get it.” she said

“Ok” I replied.

As soon as I knew it we were there. I helped carry some things to a nice shady tree.

“Ahhh, this is just lovely, isn’t it humpty?” Mum asked

“Yeah, it’s great.” I answered.

But that’s when I spotted it. The biggest thing I’ve ever seen in person! A WALL!

“MUM! Check it out!” I yelled pointing to the marvellous structure.

“What, what is it??” She questioned, acting as blind as a bat.

“The wall! Take a photo of me on it please!” I told her.

So I ran to it and climbed in excitement. I perched myself on the edge of the wall and got in a great position.

“3, 2, 1 SMILE!” Mum said taking the photo on 1.

The camera she used was given to me as a birthday present. It is a Polaroid camera so prints on the spot and this was the product:


“Be careful getting down humpty, you’re very high up” Mum warned.

“Yes I know mum.” I replied.

I slowly climbed down but I suddenly lost my grip and fell on the soft green grass.

But not everything felt right. My head felt different and I was very dizzy.


I stood up but it didn’t work out, I fell hopelessly to the ground again.

“Get all the King’s horses and all the King’s men!!” Mum screamed to everyone in the park.

The King’s horses and the King’s men were here in no time. They put me in a royal ambulance and drove me away with my mother sobbing besides me.

“Sorry ma’am but we will need to go through egg danger to get to the hospital in time.” The young man said to mum.

“Ok” She replied.

Egg danger is a place where eggs any age go missing. It happens in an instant no one knows where or how they go. But they are never seen back in the village.


















Chapter 3


Danger Zone!

We were about half way through egg danger when…


So they did (which was silly of them). Mum jumped at the opportunity and got out.

“Miss!! Get back in the ambulance now!! YOU’RE IN THE DANGER ZONE!” The young man yelled again.

I could see my mum just a little bit out the small window. She was just standing there like she wanted to disappear.

Then all of a sudden a very bright light shone through a large gap into the danger zone. That’s when I realised we have been living in a fridge since day one!

And that’s where the eggs have gone, in the giants’ stomachs’. But who cares now? My mum’s in great danger!

The young man bolted out of the vehicle and grabbed hold of my mum. The Giant’s hand was slowly reaching for her.

The giant grabbed her but she wasn’t moving. The young man from the ambulance was really strong at holding my mum back. But then there was a bellowing noise that came from the giant.

“THIS EGG IS STUCK IN THE CARTON MUM!” The giant yelled out.

Another giant even bigger helped the smaller one, pull my mother out. The young man from the ambulance lost his grip and let go of my mum.

She flew into the hands of the giants. And I never saw her again.

Now the mystery of the missing eggs had been solved and everyone knew the dangers and never went there again.

The Kings men then put their attention on me. They tried their hardest to put me together again but it didn’t work so I passed away.

I think I’ve gone to heaven because I’m living with my mother now.

“Dear! You had a very long nap.” Mum said to me.

“I’m dead though!!” I yelled confused.

“No you’re not silly it’s your 24th birthday.” Mum explained.                                                                          

“What would you like to do today?” She asked.

Then I realised that I had been dreaming the whole time! I decided not to go to the park.

I just answered back simply as “Let’s stay home, we’ll crack in the heat.”

“Good idea” Mum said.

So that’s what we did and there were no pictures on walls and danger zones in this story!


The end!

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