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Rebecca Gawler 2013


Palms are sweaty
Heart is thumping
Knees are wobbly
Thoughts are jumping
The audience is silent
Anticipation in the air
Waiting for the music
On the front of their chair
The silence is broken
The room filled with sound
The music starts playing
All silence is drowned
The curtain lifts
The dancers exposed
Costumes of colour
Still and posed
A flurry of movement
In time with the beat
Dashes of colour
Moving of feet
Telling a story
Both present and past
Moving the viewers
Connecting the cast
Bottled emotions
Released through the dance
Sharing the feelings
As they twirl and prance
Nimble and Joyful
Slow and sad
Exalting the good times
Uncovering the bad
Hours of practice
Paying off as they fly
Across the stage
Leaping up high
The rush of adrenalin
Heat of the light
Eyes of the audience
The dancers excite
Beads of sweat form
Muscles are tiring
But the dancers are lost
In a world of inspiring
The music fades
As it draws to a close
With some reluctance
They strike their last pose
Puffing and panting
Aching and sore
But spirits are high
As the audience roar
Filled with relief
Pleased with their show
Smiles are exchanged
Faces glow
Then a feeling of sadness
As the dancers depart
To face the real world
The dance world to part
A sense of achievement
As they walk out the door
Tired but content
They’ll be back for more

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