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Ranveer Singh 2022

The Village

What’s going on?” said Sanna, as she looked at the village in horror. The other three, Isla, Griffin, and Lucas, looked in Sanna’s direction. Their village was burnt down - razed to the ground. Charred timber and debris scattered over the earth. But that wasn’t the thing that frightened them the most. Zombies; at least a hundred: roamed over the ground. Suddenly, one took notice of them and began rapidly advancing towards them. The other zombies followed the first’s lead. 


Griffin threw the girls in front of him to make a quick getaway the girls; screamed and accidentally bumped into Lucas, which sent him rolling down a hill away from the zombies.  The zombie army stampeded off to the distance. The girls hadn't been as lucky. Both of them got stuck in a rough bush, and when they got out, Sanna’s long lustrous hair was tangled, and the spiky bush had given her cuts all over. Isla got leaves all over her head and couldn’t see anything and fell over a rock, then face-planted into Lucas. He yelped, then tumbled into a nearby stream. After a long moment, Isla finally spoke, “What happened, and why are there zombies everywhere? We just went camping for a week, and the village is, annihilated! Is this just a zombie outbreak?” “Wait, are those the zombies? How is that possible” Lucas questioned, “Well… since the zombies were wearing farming clothes and smelt of burnt bread, our friends and families must have been turned into zombies by the Wizard Of Death. He must have cast a spell with one of the Orbs. Don’t worry, we can still turn our village back by collecting the other Orbs that balance the universe and turn them back.” Griffin calmly explained. “So, according to legend, there are 7 Orbs to destroy the Wizard. We must collect all 7 orbs and use them on the Wizard’s Orb of ‘DEATH’ Otherwise, everyone in our village will be zombies forever,” Sanna added on. “Wait… if the other orbs are the only thing that can defeat the wizard, I bet he will be after them as well!” Isla exclaimed.


“The seven orbs…?” Lucas started. “We have to collect them before the wizard does, or else he’ll be unstoppable, and we won’t get our town back!!” Lucas panicked, “Also, there’s a group of zombies coming towards us....” Sanna, Isla, and Griffin looked over their shoulders. It was correct that there was a group of zombies running at them at a fast pace. They only had a short amount of time to run and escape. “Run!” Isla shouted. They pumped their muscles, desperate not to be a zombie’s dream dinner (brains). You would be most surprised how swiftly you can travel when death is behind your heels. Soon, they stopped at the side of a river, panting and sweating, Sanna had a stitch, and Griffin’s leg had swollen up. Lucas had trouble breathing, and Isla didn’t have any strength left. Luckily, they lost the zombies while running, but they still had to be aware of their surroundings. “What now? We’ve lost the zombies, and now we all are tired and in pain!” Lucas panted, still trying to breathe while talking. “Well, find the orb! We must find it before the wizard, don't you remember?!” Sanna scowled. “But first, we need to rest now; we’re too weak to move or walk.”


As they lay down for a few hours, Isla gained her energy back, Sanna’s stitch got better, Griffin’s leg was still sore but not bad as before, and Lucas now could breathe properly. Griffin still couldn’t walk, so Lucas had to carry him while the girls were helping each other. “Let’s go and find the Orb of Time now,” Griffin said. “But how? We don't even know where it is, nor; do we know where the wizard is!” Sanna yelled in frustration. “Don't worry we will find a way soon!” Isla reassured. They walked for about a while through the wilderness, and when Lucas got tired, he sat down on a rock, dropping Griffin. As they followed the river’s course upstream, they drank some water and splashed the rest at each other. And; continued traveling. By the time they stopped, the sun was setting. Taking shelter in the nearby cave, the four of them sat down. While Sanna and Isla talked, Lucas was eating the remaining camp food. Griffin; sat in the corner, staring at the beautiful golden dusk that may as well have been the last memory of the town they loved and called their home for so long. And yet, they didn't know how much this adventure, if you could call it that, would cost them and how much they would suffer. 

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