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Peter Judd 2013

Godilocks and the Three Bears

 It was a wonderful morning and I was in my bed dreaming about candy and chocolate … and porridge. Then right when I was about to bite into a giant porridge cake I was woken up by mummy. I was not happy about this at all in fact I was so unhappy that I punched mummy  in the stomach then went back to sleep. About half an hour later mummy woke me up again, and I told her to stop. I was not happy at all in fact I was so unhappy that I threw my chair at her and she fell unconscious and my chair broke. I was so unhappy about my chair that I threw the remaining fragments of my chair at the other remaining fragments of my chair and went back to sleep once more. Then I was having a scary dream about Zombies and Vampires. Then mummy woke me up again and this time I was happy about mummy waking me. She said it was time for breakfast. I asked her what we were having. She told me that we were having porridge for breakfast. My face lit up with joy as the magical word came out of mummy’s mouth but my joy didn’t last when she said that we had to wait half an hour. I was so annoyed that I decided to run away. I knew my parents would come after so I needed a place to hide so I decided to run into the forest despite mummy warning me about someone very scary but I went anyway. I was starting to get puffed out so I thought maybe I should find a place to hide and camp out for the night. But that’s when I saw her…Goldilocks, but don’t let the name fool you she’s not as sweet as you think. She is the fierce taxidermist who was responsible for the deaths of many famous idols in Storyland, most notably the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs and the wolf that killed Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood. Her knife was as sharp as a tiger’s teeth and her shotgun was as powerful as a rocket ship’s thrusters. And also travelling with her was her infamous attack dog Scar. As quick as I could I jumped into the bushes and hid hoping she wouldn’t see me. Scar started barking his head off right at the bush I was in. I couldn’t risk her finding me. He was coming closer but I stayed in the bush. I decided that my best option was to run and hope for the best. I started to run and they saw me running but they weren’t chasing me. I was confused and suspicious but I went with it.  After I was puffed again I decided it would be best if I stayed the night. I found a good spot off the path and went to sleep. When I woke up it was getting dark so I decided to start heading home. I thought I was going to find mummy and daddy on the way home but I didn’t run into them. When I got home I opened the door and called out to mummy and daddy but they didn’t answer. “Maybe they had gone to bed” I thought to myself. I thought that that I should go upstairs and check. When I was going to bed I saw that my porridge was eaten but I ignored it thinking it would have been mummy or daddy. I went upstairs and saw them in bed. I yelled to mummy but she didn’t respond. I went over to her and pulled off the covers and realised she was dead and stuffed. I was very worried at this point. I went to see if daddy was ok but he was stuffed too. It looked like there was a lump in my bed so I went to investigate. When I went to pull the covers up Goldilocks burst out of my bed and chased after me with her knife. I went to open the door but it was locked. I saw a shadow in front of me and realised that it was too late.

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