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Peta Scully Wicks 2013

Sweetheart believe me

Darling speak to me
Before I loose my mind,
This silence is not what I deserve.
Honey save me
While I'm still around,
This earth will leave me staggering behind.
Baby lift me
Up where I belong,
These wings won't let me fly.
Sweetheart believe me
When I speak my mind,
This truth is what needs to be said


I had a dream last night,
He was there.
He keeps drifting through my mind,
Awakening old memories, creating new ones.
We were smiling-laughing.
The light surrounded us, just him and I.
Shadows, darkness crept in.
I could feel the eyes of betrayal upon me.
Hurt and sadness,
For there is another
Who's soul was crushed with the truth of my dreams.


Arms guide you down
A soft place,
A soothing voice.
Gentle and caring.
Your head spins
Your legs fail,
You speak - not knowing what to say.
She listens,
She understands.

Drift into oblivious sleep.

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