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Paige Mihaljevic 2015

The Journey

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey,

Because searching for something, an end goal, takes time,

Time that can never be gotten back,

Through thick and thin,

Always remember the good days, the great days.


Remember the laughs,

The tears, the long conversations,

The smiles that say more than 1000 words,

Because the little things are what really matter,

They are the moments that you will remember forever.


No matter how long, wild, or crazy the journey,

Never forget all the things that make it worthwhile,

The jokes that never die,

The hours spent talking on the phone,

And the time spent not talking at all.


Because one seemingly inconsequential moment can change your life,

It could be as simple as a look, a smile,

A voice, a view,

Or the realization of the beauty in the world that surrounds us,

The beauty of simplicity.


Don’t spend your life searching for happiness,

Create it, live it, and never look back,

Because happiness isn’t a destination,

It’s a journey.





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