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P. Judd and S. Williams 2014

The Leaves in the Trees

Remember when they once graced us with their presence, it seems like so long ago these days. We never would have thought that their departure would have made a difference but it’s really not the same. The brown was the foundation, the green was the beauty. It was a great mix that everyone could enjoy, but as they say “all good things must come to an end.” Now don’t get me wrong we’re not all going to die now, in fact we’ll be just fine but it just doesn’t feel the same.

Everything was as usual just like every other day but then we noticed that they were getting a bit orange… and a bit red too. As the day’s passed they all started to turn. They clearly weren’t happy and after a month they went brown and started to die and fell off when winter came. Winter. Such a sad season. No colour. No birds singing. Sometimes you could even see the trees frown. The branches fell and the leaves turned to mulch. The holes in the trees that used to be full of little animals where now stark reminder of a better time. When the birds sang, the people where happy and the leaves a lush green colour. As the seasons get darker the leaves get sadder. Until one point when they are so sad they start to die.

 Most people don’t care for the leaves. They have more important things to do than care about the leaves and their lives. So sadly the leaves start to fade away. This is when the people notice but is too late to save the leaves. They turn into mulch and get slowly eaten away by winter.

They think that there’s no going back and they like to dream of better times. They think the dreams are real and then the desire for the return is brought to reality by the coming of spring. When spring comes the leaves start to grow again and the people become happy once more, the birds start to sing and the holes in the trees start to become full of small animals. Spring is the most beautiful season hence why the leaves start to grow again. Nothing can resist the beauty of spring. I’m sure that if the seasons had feeling they’d all be jealous.

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