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Oscar Panaccio 2015

It's Difficult To Not Conform To The Dominant Reality

Although I view myself as an individual in my own right, I would be living a lie. Clearly the reason I exist is from the sacrifice of others and to them I am grateful, but this catalyst of my being binds me to a destiny I disagree with. Although try as I might, alas there is no way to part from the projection of my life that has been forged in the fires of society. It is far easier to accept what lies on your plate than fight the system to establish an ultimatum, one that usually results in alienation of those who sacrifice the most. Although this system may change from place to place the underlying recipe that is the structure of our worldly societies is ever present, lurking in the shadows. This is my curse, I will forever be the combination of so many ingredients yet I myself am but a cog in the machine. I understand that the region you’re from defines who you are, what you’re made of. But as I sit here cooking away in this prison staring up at those who govern my every action and purpose I am engulfed by the conflict within me. This system has taken away my ability to be something new and instead laugh at my struggles, my death throws if you will. Because isn’t it true that my personal identity is who I am and by manipulating that image are you not destroying what I once was? What I could’ve been. Try as I might it is impossible for me to reach up and lift myself out of this frying pan that is the flat-pack reality, exported to all those around the world in the form of the media and social acceptance. But instead I find myself accepting what I am forced to see and joining the table whose occupants seem more interested in oppression of ideas than cultivation. And it is here that I find myself being gazed down upon by society, judged and scorned. Powers vicious mouths salivating from the sight of their latest victim. The fear is unbearable yet to numb it is to accept the situation that I find myself, in doing so I let what little identity I have left evaporate away. My life is full of guilt, guilt for not fitting into the norm in a world where individualism is preached from every crack yet to be an individual is to be the same individual as everyone else. The hypocrisy cuts through our minds like a knife, separating logic and reason and leaving us open to manipulation. And as I am thrust down the very throat of this beast I realise that I exist only to fuel the fires of this iron cast reality. After all, to make an omelette you’ve got to break some eggs…       

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