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Olivia Price 2015

The New Normal

All these unrealistic expectations of what to be is destroying us slowly,

We destroy one person because they have a different origin,


 Or because they have a different skin tone.

We try and find the smallest flaws in people because we have issues with ourselves,

In reality we are no better than each other.

We are told that different is not normal.

But what is normal?

Is normal being slim?

Is normal being a white skin tone?

No, normal is a word used when the world wasn’t equal

But times have changed.

To be classified as normal you just need to be a human being,

But people don’t understand that that’s the new meaning to normal.

Why can’t everyone be equal?

Why can’t we put our differences aside?

Why can’t we just live in harmony?

The truth is we will never know the answers to these questions.

Because all we know is how to make a beautiful person die inside because they are different.




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