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Charlotte Arena 2020


Every day I got up and went to school, starting at 9:00am and finishing at 3:30pm. We had 6, 50 minutes sessions, and recess and lunch. I was excited to go to School because I had an amazing teacher. I was already starting to think about what high school would be like, but I didn't want that day to come. I was too nervous I just wanted to stay at primary school. At lunch and snack It was not as fun as it is in high school. We were not allowed in the library and we couldn't go inside.


I got up and dressed I was excited but also nervous. Today was the day that i was going to tour Eltham high. Then the scariest day came... Orientation day! I found out that i was in 7A. I made heaps of friends on orientation day and after the first session our class was starting to calm down. Nobody spoke for the whole day, then the bell went and the day was over.


When my family where supporting me and telling me that it was going to be ok. I was really nervous. When my mum bought everything that I needed for high school.


The day finally came it was time for me to Graduate. I walked onto to the stage as my name was called. I got my teddy bear and certificate from Mr. Foley and quickly walked off the stage as my future career photo went onto the screen as me working at N.A.S.A.


Learning how to do my locker combination was the hardest thing ever. It was really hard at first but it got easier. Finding all of the different classrooms was also a challenge. We always got lost getting to the science and music room, but now it is really easy.


Next week school could be cancelled and we would have to work from home and do everything on the computer because of the Coronavirus.



When NAPLAN got cancelled so we wouldn't have to do NAPLAN this year. We would have more learning time instead of doing the tests. The start of term 2 was also cancelled so we have to do work from home.


When I became friends with Shenae, Matilda, Chole, Olivia, Lydia, and Lucinda. We hangout together at snack and lunch and it is so nice to hangout with them and be in their class.


I had an amazing first term at Eltham high and i have made awesome friends and have amazing teachers. I also like a lot of the subjects.  I really like the Library at the school too.


I have learnt that i really enjoy English and Science. In Science I love learning about space and the Universe. In English i love reading books. I also enjoy working in different classes for each session.


I am now a 13 year old high school kid attending Eltham high school and i am loving it. This past term has been so much fun and i can't wait to finish the rest of the year with all of my awesome teachers and friends at the school.


I used to be really nervous about asking questions but now i am not nervous any more and I get more work done in class. I am also having more fun at school then I was at Primary school.

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