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Mina HopleyThompson

In the Cold

A shiver ran up her spine, reminding her that it was cold. Reminding her that she was ever so very grateful that he had given her his jumper earlier that day. It made her feel special and acknowledge how lucky she was that he would willingly give up his favourite jumper to make sure she stayed cozy and warm. Cold, gentle lips pressed a kiss against her rosy cheek, bringing her back to the present. To the now. To the moment in time where she sat on the cold, slightly damp wooden bench with him huddled up against her. She had been spacey that day. He knew that. He was more than willing to offer gentle touches and kind words to ground her. He squeezed her waist, keeping her from diving too deep into her thoughts. The wind gently rustled the leaves, reminding her of how icy her insides felt. He guided her head to rest against his shoulder. She was cold. He was warm.

This gave her an idea.

Up her hands snaked, gently navigating her way through layers of clothing. Frigid met deliciously warm.

He screeched.

She laughed.

The surrounding birds joined in with his squawking as he desperately tried to wriggle out of her cold grasp. Her hands slipped away, and he joined in with her breathless laughter. He lovingly told her off as she giggled herself silly, their insides warm. A sweet kiss was shared. Payback was attempted. The cold made itself known again once they parted. She thought back to the grossly romantic shows she had watched. Scenes like this were accompanied by slow motion snow and tinkling music. All they had were frozen fingers and numb noses and the sound of their giggles to fill in the silence.

She wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Although… he did look as handsome as the boys in her shows. The winter light bounced off his skin, making him look like a statue made of marble. Once again, her head was on his shoulder, her cold nose pressing against his neck making him giggle slightly. His shoulder began to tremble and twitch beneath her. She thought back to a time when she would’ve been worried, when she would’ve made sure he was ok, when she would’ve asked if an external force like her head resting there would cause him any discomfort or hurt him. That was a few years ago. Now her concern and curiosity had ebbed away with the answers she needed. Now she was content to live in the moment, to relish the silence that surrounded her and continued on inside her. Their shared soft breathing kept their calm thoughts company. A gentle hand squeezed against a hip. A kiss was delicately placed on a rosy cheek. They were content to enjoy the presence of one another. Happy to hold each other in their arms. Time was still. It was cold.

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