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Matilda Behan 2018


She was like a kite she wasn’t like the rest of us, all she wanted to do was fly away.  She just had to wait for that perfect person to let go of her and then she would fly, fly to freedom, fly to peace, fly to happiness.

But I guess sometimes you just have to let someone fly. The worst thing you can do to someone is keep them were they don’t belong. She didn’t belong here she belonged in the sky with the birds and the clouds she would have been happy there.

A Kite isn’t a Kite if it isn’t allowed to soar after all a Kite is most happy in the sky isn’t it?                                                               Everyone has her place it’s just hers wasn’t here.

She used to say she was happy but sometimes you just can’t help but think someone isn’t. She had beautiful colours but she just didn’t see them.

Keeping her in this world was like keeping an animal in the zoo for people to look at. It just wasn’t right but now she is happy…now she is free.

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