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Lukas Skaife 2016

Dark Road


“Darkland is the worst it’s dark and creepy I’ll be glad to get away from the spooky chill that hunts me back, I see now why King Will (of Fairyland) teleported us here, but now we need to walk because the teleport thing is broken,” said secret agent XJ0461 (AKA Ayden).

“Well, we have a long trip ahead of us, remember what happened last time you broke the teleport thing? We walked along Dark Rd and when we arrived at Bean Stalk Canyon, you picked the bean stalk where Zach and Jess the giants. I heard they had babies lately literally their screeching has been terrible. Nobody can sleep, Will said their names were Maya, Lily and Lucy but we’re not visiting them,” said secret agent ZQ8974 (AKA Lukáš).’

“Well let’s get going before the Dark Lord (AKA Mason) finds out what we’re doing back here,” said Ayden.

“Don’t forget it was you who broke the teleport thing last time we went on a mission together out of Fairyland,” I said.



“Darkwoods gives me the shivers I don’t like it Lukáš,” said Ayden.

“Let’s keep moving and we don’t have to worry about Storm Black,” I said.

“Okay, what about the wizards, there is Jacob, Tristan, Tye, Mitch, Marshall and Sean and oh… what’s his name?” wondered Ayden.

“Cheeseburger!” I answered,

“Yeah, Cheeseburger, who would want a name like that?” laughed Ayden.

“I doooo,’ came a booming voice from within the trees.

“We should get going Ayden, the wizards are coming” I said.

“You’re too late Lukáš, you’ll never tell your King anything about what my daddy is up to.” said Storm Black (AKA Kiara,)




“We’ll see, Kiara you never get us to your ‘Daddy’ we’re not about to start letting you” said Ayden.

“Oh really,” laughed all the wizards.

“Watch us,” we both said, Ayden jumped and I ran and both dodged past all the wizards.

“That was lucky Ayden, they’re getting better you know,” I said.

“Yeah let’s keep moving so they don’t catch up,” replied Ayden.

From out of the corner mason comes out

“You let them get away,” shouted Mason. “I’m disappointed Storm Black, you are banned from Darkland until the 7th of September,” said Mason in disgrace, then Mason followed the trail of our feet. 




“Shhhhhooooooooooooh Ayden or Brad will hear you (AKA the hippo)” I whispered.

“But I’m bored,” wined Ayden

“Well you will have to get used to that,” said Brad “in jail,” continued Brad.

“Wow, you and whose army,’ laughed the boys.

“Well if it’s an army you want, an army you’ll get,” said Brad and then roared. Hippos started rising from the river everywhere.

“I count 100,000,” said Ayden in fright.

“I see 200,000,” I said also in fright.

“Well now what are you going to do?” said Brad proudly.

“Well there is one thing,” said Ayden looking at me.

“Will said it’s only for emergencies,” I said, “but we sort of are in one now so, I think Will’s going to kill us but go ahead and press the button” I continued. Ayden got out the broken switch that teleports and turned it over and pressed the big bold red button.”

Then at the fairy castle a red light started to flash, Will noticed this and said “Send all the fairy warriors to the bridge on the dark road, Ayden and Lukáš are in trouble, I bet this has something to do with Brad.”





Back at the lush free flowing river...

“I don’t know how long we can keep fighting these hippos there are just too many,” said Ayden.

“Keep trying, I hope King Will got our message if he didn’t these trees are good to hide in did you bring your camo gear,” I said.       

Then out from the blue, came fairies. “We got your message,” said the fairy that looked to be in charge. “Go we will hold them off then until you guys our out of sight then we will pull back to the castle,” said the fairy.

The boys nodded then ran off.

“Wow that was lucky,” said Ayden.

“I know, we better keep ahead of them,” I said.

Back at the river a shadow came, it was Mason, he saw Brad with all the other hippos on the floor and said in disgrace, “You scum, but the rules are that I have to ban you from Darkland until the 7th of September if you let my enemy escape,” Then Mason followed the trail of our feet again.




“I’m cold as ice Lukáš,” complained Ayden quietly because he was cold.

“Well it’s not my fault Ayden that you didn’t bring a jumper and you know that we never teleport back we always walk! Plus it’s the snow kingdom the snow is as thick as ice,” I shouted.

“So you knew it was going to snow,” said Ayden sadly.

“No I didn’t say that either, I said…,” I said.

“That we never teleport back we always walk yeah I heard I’m not deaf,’ continued Ayden.

“Well you might be because I heard the King say, “take a jumper because you will probably break the teleporter like you always do Ayden and Lukáš,” I said in a voice of King William IV.

They walked on and saw flowers.

“Why are there flowers everywhere Lukáš?” wondered Ayden.

“Well Mason has four girls; they use to live in Darkland. Kiara was first because she was the oldest of the four and the first to leave, next was Emily and then Aleisha then Hailey. The last three of the four are cursed with snow powers like you may have seen the movie ‘Frozen on the planet Earth’, well their cousin is Elsa,” I answered.

“Wow that’s amazing, the things adults learn from the younger generation,” said Ayden, amazed.



Suddenly a small hyper-blast came from what looked like a wall made of flowers, the boys jumped, made a wall out snow for shelter and hid.

Then Ayden said, “What was that Lukáš?”        

“That looks like Hailey’s rainbow unicorn, her name is Kate,” I said.

“The girls have rainbow unicorns?” said Ayden.

“Did I forget to mention that to you?” I said puzzled.

“Yes, well how do defeat her?” said Ayden.

“Fine, just distract her and I’ll defeat her, just don’t let her see me and you won’t get hurt,” I said.

Ayden did as he was told; he then had an idea and shouted, “Snowball fight.”

The unicorn did exactly as was said and the two started throwing snow balls at each other. Lukáš knew this was his only chance; he had to use the special training he got at the castle. He got out a little sphere and he jumped out of the blue, charged at the unicorn.  The unicorn was too slow to react to the impact of Lukáš and he put the sphere on the unicorn, then it disappeared.

“Where did it go Lukáš?” said Ayden in shock.

 I said, “Um… I think the animal prison in fairyland but don’t worry it won’t get hurt I’ve been there before. If the animals retaliate, fairy dust goes over them and they go straight to sleep.”

“What now Lukáš?” said Ayden.

“Well let’s capture Hailey and her sisters Emily and Aleisha, but we still have two more rainbow unicorns,” I said.


4 part 2

At the first snow castle Hailey was trying to get a hold of her sisters, Mum or Dad but something was blocking her calls out of her castle. She called for her horse and told it, “Ride on to Aleisha’s castle she has more control of her powers and she will help me and tell everybody else to head to Emily’s.”

“Where is Hailey?” asked Ayden looking around at the front of the snow castle.

I kneeled down to the ground, “Looking at the tracks on the ground I think she went to her sisters but which one is the question?”

“I think…,” said Ayden but was cut off my me.

“You’re not choosing which girl we head to; we’re using my theory and my common sense. We will just follow her tracks.”

But by then Hailey had reached Aleisha’s but she wasn’t there. Then she remembered her cousin was coming so she rode on.




The guys had kept following the tracks, the snow got worse and it started to get stormy. With snow going everywhere the boys had luckily found the igloo they made last time they went on a mission like this.

Ayden said, “Was this as bad last time we were here? I’ve forgotten Lukáš.”

“No, my worst fear has come true, Elsa is here and they’re having a party. By the looks of it snow curse family only,” I said in fright.                         

“But how are we going to get there?” questioned Ayden.  

 “Well we’re going to have to dig our way to the girls,” I said.        

“But how do you know which way to dig?” questioned Ayden again.

“I was given special training at the castle and they taught me a move that gives a location spell. It was hard work but I learnt it,” and I started to say something, “um baa dum baa” and then an arrow appeared pointing the way they should go.

At the big snow castle…

Hailey had just arrived and something started rumbling from the ground. It was the boys. Hailey ran inside where she could see the party and she could see the girls. She ran over to them and said, “Lukáš and Ayden are here,” the girls instantly turned to her and the music stopped.

Elsa said, “They should have not come here, I will deal with them later. We will go to my Ice Castle in Airedale.” Then everything disappeared.

“Well let’s get moving, we don’t want to miss dinner,” said Lukáš and the boys ran off.  










 Bean Stalk Canyon came quickly and luckily I picked the right bean stalk and they flew all the way back to Fairyland.  When they arrive a big party had started, it was My birthday I had forgotten all about it. The party had begun and then Mason came in.

“Nobody invited you Mason so pop off,” said Will.

“William, William, this is my rightful kingdom and I believe your agents have something that is mine?” questioned Mason.

“You heard what Will said, pop off,” I said.

“How dare you. Stealing my kingdom and family and now this! This insult! I will kill you,” said Mason, and he started charging at Me.

By then Will had called his guards and they had caught Mason and started dragging him to the dungeon.

We were now free to party.       

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