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Lucy Baker 2018

Skylarking Creative Piece

I adored Melbourne, more than I could ever explain. The first month of being there, my Aunt Cecilia presented me to possible suitors. We would meet them in expensive cafes and restaurants; they would always be well dressed in a suit and tie, carrying a smile so bright it could light up a dark room. They were all very enchanting, but none really stood out to me. Aunt Cecilia also showed me to all the prodigious buildings, some had such intricate detail while others were plain.

Today, I am meeting another suitor named Patrick. Aunt Cecilia ordered me to put on a garment that was custom made for me in Melbourne. The tight fitted dress was red with yellow dots all over and went down to my ankles. I put it on and showed Aunt Cecilia and she told me I looked beautiful. She then proceeded to curl my hair and added blush to my cheeks. She told me I looked remarkable as we went to the restaurant.

We arrived before Patrick did. While we waited for him to arrive, I looked around at all the intricate detailed paintings that surrounded the restaurant. It was beautiful; every aspect of Melbourne was beautiful. It felt like I was living in a dream, surrounded by all these amazing things, that it could not possibly be real.

Aunt Cecilia called out my name to bring me out of my daze I was in, I looked to where she was looking, and that was when I saw him for the first time. He looked like he just came out of one of the wondrous paintings I was just looking at. He wore a top hat and a fine suit, and he had the blondest hair imaginable. Once he recognised my Aunty, he walked over to us and once he saw me, he did not look away.

I gave him a shy smile while Aunt Cecilia was introducing me. She told him that I was a rarity, one of a kind. I felt like a child that could not speak for herself. I know that if this were Kate in my situation, she would have spoken for herself, would not have let someone else introduce her while she was right there. In times like this, I missed Kate with my whole heart; she is like a honey badger, so daring and fearless. I wish I could be as brave as she is. On the other hand, it has been good seeing the world without Kate, she can bring out so much negativity in me.

Patrick told me about himself, I nodded my head a lot and smiled, but did not say much that much because I was nervous.  Aunt Cecilia stayed with us until she finished her dessert, she then told us she will be back, she just needs to tidy herself in the powder room.

I felt more comfortable to talk to Patrick without Aunt Cecilia there so I began to tell him about my life. I told him about Kate and how close we were; he told me I have a big heart. Patrick’s way of talking moved something in me that none of the others had been able to do. Aunt Cecilia came back and I told her I loved him. She said she knew I would and arranged for us to meet again in a weeks’ time.

During this week I thought about my future with Patrick, I fantasized about bringing him back to the cape and seeing Kate’s face, she would be full of envy but she would hide it all with a smile. Aunt Cecilia planned for us to meet in a big lovely park that is full with all kinds of flowers and the biggest trees I have ever encountered.

Once I arrived, I saw Patrick waiting on a park bench with flowers in his hand. He saw me, smiled, and came over to greet me with a kiss on the cheek. We then returned to the bench he was sitting on and he told me all his aspirations in life. He told me how he wanted to be a linotype operator, just like his father.

I told him how I wanted to be a mother in a couple of years and how I would raise them on the cape, just like how I was. He seemed somewhat uninterested in what I had to say, but he told me I looked exceptionally beautiful. After a couple hours, we were walking along the park path and he asked for my hand in marriage. I quickly accepted and he kissed me ever so gently then took me back to Aunt Cecilia. At the end of my trip at Melbourne, I told him I would return soon so we could get married and spend the rest of my days with him.

He seemed excited for the most part, but he did not want me going back to the cape, as he wanted to get married in the next month or so. We compromised however, that I would return as soon as my mother would allow. On my last day I kissed him goodbye and told him I would miss him terribly, he kissed me back and told me I must return soon. I went to wave goodbye to him when I was on the boat, but I could not find his face anywhere in the crowd, it was as if he had already forgot about me.

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