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Lili Smith 2017

Gothic Elements

The rain pelted down onto the tin roof, the deafening noise blocking out even the loudest of shouts. Once pure white feather, now soaked in red, lay disregarded on the floor. Broken wings hang limply from the hanging body. Wires cut deep into skin. Infected, swollen and discoloured skin. Cuts dripped blood. Pale flesh, flushed cheeks, soulless eyes that stared blankly out the barred window. 
This was never meant to happen, well I guess it was my fault, flying low so that humans could see me. At first they saw me as a blessing. They worshiped me but that all ended when someone noticed the missing children. I thought I had hidden the evidence well. It was their fault though. They told me to take what I needed, since I was a “blessing from god.” So I took what I needed. Souls of the young. I bathed in their blood, it kept me young. They didn’t know I was a monster, a fallen being that was sent down to Earth as punishment from God. But now I regret it. I never would have thought that humans could be so vial. So evil. 
They tortured me. Ripped my feathers out one by one, they plucked me like a chicken. They didn’t stop there. They stripped me of my clothes and pushed burning hot iron into my skin. Wrapping wired around my limbs they strung my body up like a puppet and every time I moved the wires would dig into my flesh. My lungs hurt from screaming, my throat was dry. I could only hang there limp and vulnerable. I thought that being sent down to earth was my punishment but now I see that it was much worse. 

Orange and Red 

Orange and red flames danced

There was no music but still they stayed in time with the heavy humming of the waves

Slowly the flames died down only to leave an eerie glow

The man’s life was put out like a single flame

His time here was long but would be missed by many

Cries and howls could be heard for miles

The day he died was a mark in the history books

The day he left the earth the skies cried

The day he left his loves one behind

The day the brilliant flame perished

A beloved friend

A brother

A son

A hero


Red, that’s all I could see, red a deep scarlet colour. I was drenched in it, from head to toe. It dripped from my fingertips, it rolled down my legs in a stream like patterned. My hair was stained a scarlet red colour, the colour underneath was barely visible. My white dress was now wrapped in red as it dripped off the bottom. My feet where bare nothing to keep them drowning in red. I was standing in a pool of ankle deep water. The water was red, the colour was fogging the once clear water. Thin wire like thread was holding me in place.  Scared to move I stood there motionless. Broken bodies lay face down in the water. A single thread was wrapped around my neck. Three wires wrapped around each arm, four around each leg and two around my waist and just above my chest. Two wires where wrapped around my wings gnawing into the flesh that kept them attacked to my body. Black and pink feathers littered the water around me making ripples ever so often. I just wanted it to end. This is what humans do to things they don’t understand. They chain them and lock them away, they run tests on them, inject them with fluids seeing their reactions. They call them monsters, demons things of the underworld. I wanted to end it all so to end this pitiful life I lived I started to sing letting the thread to cut into my flesh around my neck. 

“Did you ever think to yourself?

“Just to stop and see if you were ever worth anyone time?

“Well have you thought about the next generation?

“Seeing you do all these things all the time?

“Endless worlds of war

“No peace and satisfaction

“Just take your time, let all go

“Everything will be fine.

“I hummed a tune of sweet melody always watching over thee

“Everything will be fine just listen to my words of wisdom

I sang until my throat was sore and my vision became blurry. I smiled to myself. Letting my knees give way from underneath me. The wires cut straight through the flesh coming to the bone. I lowered my head letting the wire seep through my neck cutting it finally clean off. My head made a splash in the water rippling the water sending it into an unsteady rhythm. My body hang limp, blood overflowing from the freshly cut wounds. My wings drooped like they were sad. Feathers left the wings one by one until the bones where bare and only the skeleton form remanded. My limbs where pure white. Everything was unsteady as is the world itself was sad after I left. The air became dense and lifeless. The water stilled to an eerie stop. Nothing moved, everything became quite, the dimly lit light that glowed soon washed away leaving the cave to become pitch black. It was over, the caves life vanished along sides it foe. The black angle was gone, nothing came after that. She was the last off its kind. No more fallen angles where upon the earth. Everything was gone for that spices it was the last one to ever take a breath on the earth.


Broken waves of light

A raging storm of dark

The bleeding of colour


Ripe Bruises

And broken skin

Swollen eyes

And veins


The depths of the sea

The cool waters of the shallows

The never-ending sky

The darkness of the night


Spilt ink

Smooth cursive

Writing on paper


Pressed morning glories

Berries of spring

Frozen lakes

Winter moons


The changing of dusk

The breaking of dawn

The moon of a new


Eyes of the sky

Frosty fingers


Spring flowers

Summer waves

Autumn days

Winter suns

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