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Lenny Henderson

The Clouds Above

The airship breezed along the bed of clouds, the air whipping by them. Before them was one of the primordial forces of nature… in a bucket.

“Sooo, how exactly will we know when we find the other forces?” Destiny asked.

“Well that's easy, you’ve already found one,” the water elemental replied, gesturing around the place. Blue’s face became ridden with guilt as he waved his arms in a ‘no’ motion, he didn’t need Destiny to know! He was just an occasional mailman and someone who gave out fruit. He wrapped himself in his wings and began to remember…

“What do you mean by ‘You’ve already found one’?” Destiny asked with visible confusion not noticing that Blue was hiding himself away.
“Oh, well, your friend over there is one of them,” he said hesitantly pointing at Blue, who unravelled his wings a bit, gave a small wave and said hi.

He then got immediately punched in the face by Destiny who gave him a look of betrayal backing away until… she fell.


The wind blurred past, she could see the floating islands in the distance. The volcano spewing, the odd futuristic city and the forever blizzard still blazing strong. Betrayed again Destiny thought, time and time again people she got close to eventually betrayed her leaving her behind and alone. She closed her eyes and waited for the sweet release of death to come, it was a shame she wouldn’t have lived long enough to have children. Then above, the sky lit up, shadows erased from the surrounding area, Destiny opened her eyes to a fiery silhouette coming out of a figure, something shot past and then she blacked out.


For what seemed like weeks Destiny slept, the same thing repeating over and over, the people she cared for turning their backs and Blue wanting to stay holding a lantern. It broke and he was pulled into the darkness. “AXOLOTL!” cried Destiny as she woke with a start, eyes darting all around. Blue was pacing around and the water elemental looked bored, as if he had seen this all before…


‘Will she be ok? Should I have told her? What now?’ Blue thought, pacing back and forth. It had been 3 hours now and Destiny still hadn’t woken. ‘I mean sure, I got experimented on by the gods and somehow have a mystical connection to marshmallows but that’s not called a betrayal, right?’ The thought whizzed past and he realised Destiny was awake, looking at him and crying “why”. Blue was torn, he couldn’t, could he? On the plus side if he told her, he didn’t have to hide anymore, but if he didn’t, he would lose a good friend and return to life as normal. The only thing being he might be the reason the slime princess committed suicide. “I’m sorry”, the words escaped his mouth seconds before he could think about it. Minutes passed, silence gripped them all. Then Blue walked forward and embraced her, his wings now shimmering with droplets of light as they curled around the duo. “Hi” he said again looking straight at her. “Hi,” Destiny replied looking right back at him, finally able to see all of him, no lies, no nothing. The two were enveloped in light as visions of the past flew around them…


Blue was chained to a table, above him stood a god, eyes blazing with light. A hand covered his eyes and all he saw was stardust floating in the endless darkness of the galaxy, a small prick echoed throughout his body. Then there was nothing, it was as if his soul had been taken, no thoughts bounced around, no emotion flickered and danced like flames. With the force of a meteor he was struck in the gut, pain billowing outward from him in all directions and with a start he awoke. Chains clattered to the floor as the once untouched form of Blue stood, eyes blazing with the fury of a thousand suns, eyes blazing with a light… that would never burn out.

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