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Layla Burge 2015

Me, My Best Friend, My Aqua Combi and My Dream Come True

I’m Not Falling Back Asleep.

I try sleep, but the heat’s just too strong. My fan circles the room and my drawings flutter around. When I finally admit to myself that I’m not falling back asleep, my mind will wonder. I will think about the good things and the bad. The weekend plans and all the school work. I will think about my past, my present and my future. My past is history now, I can’t go back. My present is too complicated to think about, so I try to wing it. My future, is a mystery. I don’t care what happens much, but I do want to travel for sure.

He Bites Down On A Dorito.

“What if it breaks down!?” he yells, his nerves are starting to rub off on me. “It won’t” I say slowly. “You did make a good deal I must say.” “I know right! I got my childhood dream car, my Aqua Kombi”. We slowly drive forward and prepare for the road trip around Australia. “Hey Layla, did you pack the chips?” “Hey Ethan, of course I did.” He bites down on a Dorito and smiles at me. Me, my best friend, my aqua kombi and my dream coming true.

Sound Which Has Still Not Been Confirmed As Human.

“LAYLA! Time to get up”. I open my eyes as my dogs jump onto my bed and step on my stomach. One decides to lick my face and the other decides to leave. My dad turns the light on, I let out a sound which has still not been confirmed as human. “Turn it off!” I whine. He leaves the room. I scrabble over too my phone and check the time. Three messages, a game notification, and a like on Instagram. “Oh gord” I say and fall back onto my bed. I’m going to be late for music class.

I Put On My Royal Blood T-Shirt

I pull the sheet door to my bed and look in my mirror. I put on my Royal Blood T-shirt and brush my hair. “You ready?” Ethan says excitedly as he waves the VIP tickets in my face, I nod. We lock up the Kombi and head to the building. When we get inside we meet our friends. We watch one of our favourite bands come on the stage. In a week we go see Ed Sheeran, and the week after we go to a meet the Celebs to meet Nikki and Brie Bella. It was an amazing concert, we say goodbye to our friends and go back to the Kombi so our parents can drive us home.

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