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Lauren Cameron 2013

Our Story Tellers


Not many people realise this

But we all have a story teller

A little different to what people would too

They knit together your stories

With needles and wool

They chose what’s good and bad

It just not up to us

Only to our fate and it’s fragile hands

We just have to wait and take the roller-coaster we call life

They choose who we are

What we do

Who we love

Where we go

Who we hate

They just sit there with their needles and wools knitting together our lives stich by stich  

An Ant's Journey


I dropped it! How could I! It’s lost its lost! Oh gosh I have to find it, but where could it be, there is too much junk under this bed.

Why was a single human being need this many shoes?

Being a tiny bug under a bed looking for a small piece of lost bread, this is horrible.

I’m hungry, lost and tired.

I search and search trying to squeeze though the small gaps between each shoe.

There it is! I can see! Sitting there between two socks!

I rise towards it but something is blocking my path.

Oh the pain, the pain, all l want is something to eat, but I lost the only thing I could fine.

It’s a shoe, I can’t go around it there is just more shoes, it’s quicker if I go over.

I take one step by step closer to the side of the shoe.

One I reach it my legs only just get grip on the side and pull me up towards the top.

When I get to the top I still have the climb down left.

Will I fall? Or will it be a clam and easy climb down?

I step closer to the edge and start my journey down the shoe.

I slip and fall down hurting both my arm and leg but I must keep doing.

I must.

I can do this.

My path towards the piece of bread isn’t much farther to go.

Step after step and charge towards that bread.

So closer,

Then something jumps on top of me.

Ahhh what’s on me! Lucky it was just a piece of dust.

I feel smaller under this bed then outside in the world.

Containing on towards the bread, my mouth is watering.

My excitement level is raising and so is my tired level too.

I may faint.

I must go on.

I must or else I will die.

Leg after leg I push onwards.

I’m only a few steps away now.

Then I look up another ant.

He looks me straight in the eye and goes for the bread.

No I will not let this happen I dive in for the bread.

It’s a battle to the death.

His leg plucks off then a few more.

He’s fragile and weak,

I back off and let him have the bread.

I return home hungry and tired.


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