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Kahla Mills 2015

Intoxicated With Sadness

Drugged up, hazed eyes, the darkness that others despise. We are brought together by fate, torn apart by the battles we fight. Each person is different from the last, whilst still so similar. Lost in the world of sadness, alcohol and drugs.. Trying to survive the demons that tear us down. 

Watch My Dreams All Die


I’m forever pushing back the words that threaten to spill, why can’t I just kill.


All my thoughts are silenced. Put on fire by your eyes and your lies. 


My spirits that haunt me, they just want a bit of fun, they don't know that under my coat I hide a gun. 


Caught up in happiness and glee, why can’t you see me.


Colours fade, time stops, and I feel so alone. I've never found a place that I can call home.




That’s how it feels. When all there is, is darkness.


Darkness that threatens to kill.


I need to learn how to swim, swim from the demons from with in. 


My lungs are collapsing, collapsing from every breathe I take.


Help me find an escape. I’m so alone, this house is no longer home. 


I’m drowning, drowning in tears. That no longer concur my fears.

Black And White

I love you because you tell me beautiful, blissful lies. 


You hate me because I tell you the terrible, traumatic truth. 


Theres so much pain but my blood will remain.


Your smile is fake, fake like your lies and your cries. 


I don’t smile because the truth is what I believe. 


You’re the hot sun.


I am the cold moon. 


We are opposites but who would assume. 

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