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Juweria Ahmed 2013


Its 7:30 in the morning, the sun is about to rise its light to shine the earth and Jasmine is set to go along with the sun while doing her walk.

Full name:  Jasmine Khinwan
Born: 21/09/1980
Age: 34
Occupation: Accountant
Relationship status: Single

Jasmine, a 34 year old independent woman who has a full time job of an accountant, owns a house and a car. Jasmine has everything in life yet her life is incomplete.

“Wooh! That was a long walk” says Jasmine while looking tired. “I must get ready for work”. She starts to get ready for work then she remembers something. Her makeup. She puts lots of makeup on her face and suddenly her appearance changes from being ‘Jasmine’ to someone else. “How could I forget my identity hider” she says. “This conceals the real in me”.


“Be quick Junit. I’m not ready to lose my job. Not now” says Qirim. “I’m already suffering of not being valued in the workplace and now I cannot take the risk of being late” says Qirim quietly to herself.

Full name:  Qirim Quresh
Born: 12/08/1985
Age: 30
occupation: Cleaner
Relationship status: Divorced (with 2 children)  

“Sorry mum” says Junit. “I’m ready”. While Qirim was busy with her bag, Junit secretly placed her lunch box on the table saying “it can be our dinner tonight”.

Full name: Junit Quresh
Born: 02/02/2002
Age: 14
Relationship status: Qirim’s daughter

“Did you get everything Junit?” asked Qirim. “Yes mum” said Junit while not trying to lie. Qirim drops Junit to the bus station. “Have fun at the office mum.” Trying to bring smile on her face, Qirim says “I will darling.”


Antazique is off to her work. “The men will be coming at any time and I’m not ready yet. I haven’t even chosen my outfit. I don’t think any guy would be interested in me today. That means I’ve lost half of my salary for this month.”

Full name: Antazique Ziq
Born: 05/06/1984
Age: 29
Occupation: Prostitute
Relationship status: Married

“You should have thought about it before. Now it’s too late and don’t think that I’ll leave the other half. I still want the other half of the salary” says Biraz Ziq, Antazique’s husband.

Full name: Biraz Ziq
Born: 05/06/1984
Age: 29
Occupation: unemployed (drug addict & drinker)
Relationship status: Married.

“Stop depending on my salary and start searching for a job because I can’t take your burden anymore” says Antazique frustrated at Biraz. “You should be ashamed of yourself Biraz. Your wife works as a prostitute, instead of feeling sorry for her, you depend on her payment. Shame on you.” Hurt by her words, Biraz starts to fight with Antazique and as usual, they both get into their verbal fight. Seeing their fight, Iraam is annoyed and leaves for school without having breakfast.

Full name: Iraam Ziq
Born: 11/01/2002
Age: 16
Relationship status: Antazique & Biraz Ziq’s son

“Everyone are happy with their lives except me” says Iraam with full of tears in his eyes. “My yearning for a perfect family would never be real. My desires will never accomplish. I don’t think anyone in this earth has this kind of life that I do.”


“Good morning Jasmine.”

“Good morning” replies Jasmine with a big smile on her face.

“I wonder how she manages to keep simile on her face every day” whispers one of jasmine’s colleagues. “How an earth can someone stay happy for every 24 hours of their lives?”  “Well if you have everything in life, whether its money or health then one can’t be sad in life.” Hearing their talk, tears start to roll down from Jasmine’s eyes and she says quietly to herself “I wish I wasn’t sad in life, I wish I had the perfect life and I didn’t had to hide the real Jasmine. If money was anything, then the world could’ve seen the real me instead of this independent woman who has everything in life but still is nothing.”


“This is the 5th time you are late for work” says Qirim’s boss. “I can’t ignore this.” “Sorry, I missed the bus again.” “No!” yelled the boss at top of his voice. “Not this excuse again. You are just a cleaner and you are giving me that excuse. You will not receive any salary for this month. Not even a penny.” Qirim’s face turned red with embarrassment as the other workers were staring and laughing at her.


Saneh High School
Competition: Running 200m, Creative art, & an imaginative piece.
Prize for the winner: 17,000
Participated by all schools of the state.

“Hi Iraam. Are you going to participate in the competition?” asks Junit.

“I’m not sure but I might.”


After thinking a while, Iraam decides to take part in the competition. “I should take part in this competition. If I win, I can help mum to pay her loans and maybe she quits working in that horrible place.” While walking to the main office to register himself to participate in the competition, a group of boy’s start to taunt him. “Iraam are you registering yourself to participate in the competition?” asks one of the boys sarcastically. “Actually you should. I mean who knows you might win and maybe your mum stops being a bitc…”  “Hey” yells Iraam while trying to punch the boy.


“Alright ladies. Tonight two of the richest men in the town are coming to the brothel” says Antazique’s boss excitingly. “Whoever two gets selected from the three of you, will spend a night with the men and will be paid 23,000. Yes 23,000.  I’m sure you don’t want to miss this opportunity so ladies what are you waiting for? Come on get ready and impress the men!”

“I can’t let go this opportunity” says Antazique to herself. “I need the money.” As Antazique goes to the toilet, the other two worker put an itching powder into her make up.


Biraz is angrily walking up and down waiting for Antazique as the landlord has asked them to pay the rent by tonight. “Antazique, you better bring in some money by tonight or else we will be thrown out of the house.” Biraz open the cupboard and gets a drink. “I wish I wasn’t addicted to you. I would have been both a perfect husband and father.”


Junit comes back home from the school and is surprised to see her mum tensed and talking to a doctor. “Hi darling you are back” says Qirim while trying to be normal in front of Junit. “Go and have a shower by then I will prepare some snacks for you.”

“Doctor, what stage is Juned’s cancer” asks Qirim whilst crying. “He is on the last stage and we have to start his treatment as soon as possible. I know it’s hard for you to pay for the treatment but please try your best. At least try to pay half of the treatment which is 27,000.” Junit who was listening to the conversation is in shock after hearing her younger brother being diagnosed with cancer.  Both Qirim and Junit, trying to hide their tears from each other, hide into a corner and break down into pieces.


Antazique comes home disappointed as she was not selected by the men. She gets shocked to see both Biraz and Iraam outside the house with their luggage. “Biraz before you ask, I don’t have any money with me.” The neighbours whisper about the Ziq’s condition. “Their landlord should have done this before. We don’t deserve to live with a prostitute.” Antazique, Biraz and Iraam walk and settle along with the beggars on the street shattered.


Jasmine lying on her bed with full of pain and tears rolling down from her eyes into the floor. “I wish you could walk (referring to the money) just to get me a glass of water.”


Junit and Iraam are getting ready for the competition. “I need this money to help mum with Juned’s treatment says Junit to herself while Iraam also hopes of winning the competition to help his parents get a shelter.  The competition starts.


Qirim helplessly walks on the street after her boss refused to give her salary. Lost on her own thoughts, Qirim gets saved from getting accident in Jasmine’s car. “Are you alright” asks Jasmine. “You seem to be lost. What is the problem? You can tell me maybe I can help you.”


Biraz feels terrible seeing Antazique lying on the street helplessly. He wakes her up and hugs her tightly. “I know I’ve never been a good husband nor a father. But I promise, from now on I will be try my best to be both a good father and a husband.” Antazique breaks down and cries with joy. While, Biraz goes to arrange some money for the rent.


Iraam is disheartened after losing the competition while Junit is laughing as an angel after being declared as the winner. Iraam walks out of the competition.


Jasmine gets sick again.  She is unable to walk to her room and falls from the stairs. Jasmine smiles looking at a five dollar note that is lying on the floor as well.


Qirim walks happily as she has got half of the treatment money from Jasmine but her happiness comes to an end after she founds all the neighbours surrounded around her son Juned who is lying on his Junit’s lap died.  Qirim falls on the floor, shocked and yells out “Juned.” While Junit is in shock and unable to react to the situation.

Biraz, who has gone to arrange some money, meets with an accident as a truck hits him on his way back. “The only time in life, I did something good for my family and destiny didn’t support me” says Biraz on his last breath.

Disappointed Iraam walks into a cliff. “My dream of having a perfect family was not in my fate” says Iraam while he jumps off the cliff.

A happy Antazique, eagerly waits for both Biraz and Iraam in the sun. “A dream of 14 years is to come true” she says.



The lady is honest,
wise and smart,
sometimes she frets
and she is no good at art.


She sometimes scolds me,
but there is love in her eyes,
I also enjoy her words
even as she signs.


I really admire her,
as a princess to her prince,
she is the key to my heart,
and can notice the hints.


I’m nothing without her,
she is my hope,
if she was taken away,
I don’t think I could cope.

She is non-other, than my adorable mum.


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