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Juliette Le Marquand 2014

The Life I'm Living While I'm Living It

“Heart Attack by a TARDIS Alarms”
I’m lying in bed. I’ve just woken up. Dad’s probably at work already. He works for my mum’s sister Hayley, setting up massive tipis for Weddings and Birthdays. He usually has to leave at about 5:00am. I slowly start to fall back asleep when, my sister’s TARDIS Alarm clock goes off and gives me a heart attack! It hasn’t woken her up but it sure woke me back up! I decide to get up properly now. I slowly walk down to the lounge room and fall backwards onto the couch. Mum walks in from the kitchen, “Good Morning!”
“Urgh… good morning” I mumbled back to her. Mum walks back into the kitchen and gets everything for breakfast out of the cupboards, brings them in and puts them down on the table. I sit up and pour my cereal into my bowl and then put the milk in. I scoff it down and just as I finish, Sophia walks in, “Good Morning!” Mum says again,
“Good morning…” she trails off. Sophia sits down. “Because you got up late you are going to have to have breakfast straight away.” Mum explains “Yeah, yeah I know” says Sophia. I wonder down to the bedroom and get dressed into my overalls and my black jellies. When I get back into the lounge Sophia still hasn’t started breakfast! “SOPHIA!! Hurry up and start eating your breakfast!! You eat so slowly!”

 Once Sophia is finally ready we walk out the door. Just before I open the door Sophia runs up to me and gives me an electric shock. That’s when she squeezes me around the waist really quickly. I hate it! “SOPHIA!!” I yell, “What did I do?” Sophia whines. “Shut up Soph.” I whine back. “Girls get in the car!” Mum says. We get in the car. Mum opens the gates. She walks down the drive gets in the car and we leave. As we drive past Safeway I start thinking about Netball. It’s on tomorrow. I really want to be a professional Netballer when I grow up. I probably won’t especially ‘cause I have to stop playing soon because of my knees.


“We Don’t Need To Worry About Losing”
I’m playing with the Vixens in the grand finale. Centre (Caitlyn Strachan) passes the ball to me, I pass to Wing Defence (Kate Molony), she passes to Goal Attack (Tegan Caldwal) and she gets a goal. We were smashing the other team but now they are catching up. There are only three minutes left of the game. We could probably get at least two goals in this time. We are all in our positions waiting for the whistle to blow. It’s our centre pass. The whistle blows. I run out into the middle third of the court. “Here! Here!” I yell to the centre. I get the ball. Quickly I pass it to Tegan, she passes it to the Goal Shooter (Erin Hoare) and we score!!! We only have a minute and a half left and we are in the lead by three. We don’t need to worry about losing. This time we let the opposing team get a goal. The siren goes. WE HAVE WON! There’s screaming and shouting and everyone’s hugging each other. “We did it! WE WON!” I scream, almost all of the spectators are clapping and yelling. “JULIETTE! JULIETTE!?” I can hear someone yelling. “Juliette! Get out of the car! You are going to be late!”


“What? I say. “Get out of the Car. You are going to be late.” Mum explains.
“Oh! Okay. Bye Mum!” I say.
“See you tonight.” She says.


“We Tighten Our Bows”
I have Violin in first period today. I drop everything off at my locker and leave for Violin. Abigale and I are currently the leaders of second Violin in senior strings and we are both preparing for our 4th grade exams. I walk into Room 908 and start unpacking, Abigail walks in not long after me. “Hi!” she says happily. “Hello!” I reply. “Have you practiced much this week?” she asks me.
“Yeah. Have you memorised the two scales yet?” I ask her.
“Yeah have you?”
“Yup.” We tighten our bows, unpack our Violins get out our music and start practising. Amberley walks in. “Hello girls! How are you both?” she asks us “Great thanks Amberley!” We both reply back happily. “Okay so get out your scales.” she says. We rummage through our music and find our scales. “Juliette, play G Major without reading it from the music.” Amberley says. I turn around from the music to face Amberley behind me and begin to play. “Great shift.” She says proudly as I shift into third position. “Good tuning!” I’m playing in fifth position extend fourth finger. When I get to the end of the scale, Abigale stands up. When I finish Amberley says to me. “That was great Juliette!” Abigale starts to play her scale. I am running through Beethoven’s 5th symphony in my mind. Steadily it becomes louder and Abi’s playing dies down.

I’m playing leader of first violins in the M.S.O. We are playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. We sound amazing! I look up at our conductor he looks me in the eye and gives me a grin as he wildly swings his arms around and turns towards the second violins. “Wow” I whisper to myself incredibly quietly. I start swaying to the music. Not very obviously. I start to sway more vigorously now. I remember Amberley always telling me about how when you are playing an instrument, swaying tends to mean that you are really concentrating on the music. We are nearing the end and just before we finish the second leader of first’s whispers to me, “Juliette the period is over.” I’m incredibly confused and stop playing. “What are you talking about!?” I reply. “Its second period!” whispers the second leader.


“Juliette?” Amberley and Abigale are trying to get my attention. “Oh! What?” I say, slightly shocked. “It’s period two.” Amberley says.
“Yeah we better pack up and go.” Says Abigail hurriedly.
“Yeah okay.” I reply to them both. “Come on Abi lets hurry up or we will be late to our next class,” I say to Abi “Thanks Amberley! Bye!” We both says as we hurry out the room. 

Colour Poem

Mustard-brown leaves dance through the sky,
The reckless wind makes my golden hair fly.
My little white dog sits munching his bone,
As the sky slowly changes from blue to maroon.

The crystal white tear drops fall from above,
Whilst I slip on my warm teal glove.
I pull my boots on and make my way up the street,
The frosty green grass crunches under my feet.

Luscious green plants bloom pink and white flowers,
I could stay in this weather for hours and hours.
The fluffy cream clouds save my eyes from the sun,
Purple beetroot slips out of my sesame seed bun

Long caramel grass waves in the light breeze,
As my dusty brown dog bounds through it with ease.
My bright blue icy pole drips onto the ground,
This kaleidoscope of seasons goes round and round.

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