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Joseph Alberti 2014

Just Another Game to Pass

I was in the car with my family driving to the game; my older sister was whining like she always does, “Why do I have to come to the game, it’s not fair! I have stuff to do and I have to watch a stupid NBL game! Why can’t I do something for myself for once like go shopping instead of going to this boring NBL game!”

“It’s not just any game you know, it’s the grand final and you think it will be boring!” Mum interrupted in an irritated voice,

 “Just wait. We’re just 5 minutes away. Do you two always have to fight like this?” My mum was yelling because she never liked us fighting.


“Bring Bring Bring” the bells wrung as the final round begin, I knew I could beat her in the boxing match: she was weak and I was stronger. As we entered the ring I started cheering on the crowd whilst circling her. She looked nervous as I did a quick jab step towards he and she stepped back and almost fell over, then I attacked her! Straight in the face and she fell over, she wouldn’t get up I backed off as she struggled to get up but she fell over and the games was over. I had won! “Ladies and Gentleman, presenting your winner, Joseph Albertiiii!


As soon as the game started (well, any game started) my dad would always point out what they would do like, “Did you see how he shot that” or “Did you see that play, you should be doing that”, He always does that, it gets so annoying. Then my mum says, “Wow, did you see him put that shot in” or “Wooow, that was such a good shot foul”, no, “Foul shoot”, no, she always comes up with these weird names. Then my sister says, “Why aren’t you as good as them?” maybe because they are a whole foot taller than me! God, my family can get so annoying some times.


It was halftime and like always, they pick out three people from the audience to shoot from half court, “And the seats that will be shooting for $20,000 dollars are……. B2 East side, W26 West side and A18 North side! “Wait a sec, that’s me!” I said to my sister, as I walked on to the court. Funnily enough, the over two were my friends, Will and Harry. The order was Harry, Will them me. Harry shot, just came short but it was an air ball as the crowd shouted, he blushed, then Will, came off the backboard but went to the side. Then it was my turn, as I went for my run up I felt the crowd rumbling all over the floor, then I shot it, it travelled through the air…. Swish, I had just won $20,000 gram! 

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