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Joel Clamp 2013

Senior Boys State Final 


On Tuesday August 20 the Eltham High senior boys’ football team ventured off to Victoria Park to compete in the State School final. This was the first time Eltham High had ever made the State Final in history but it wasn’t for their opponent Fraknston High who won the championship in 2011 and 2009.

Stephen McCrystal who has been coaching the senior boys’ team with Peter Nicholson for up to 30 years had only ever wished to come this far with a footy team. Macca’s pre game speech was something to cherish as it was the last time for the boys to hear it this year before a game.


Eltham High’s Captain Josh Turner won the toss and decided to kick with the wind. It started off the way Eltham had hoped with Lewis Glasgow kicking a nice left foot snap 30-meters out. Frankston responded with their run and carry through the corridor which gave them their first goal but undisciplined football would give Turner his first for the match. Late in the first quarter Frankston got a goal to give them the lead at quarter time by 3 points.

The second quarter was going to have to be a very good quarter If Eltham were to stay in it but two quick goals from Frankston gave them the edge early. Luckily Eltham were able to respond in Cale Skidmore who kicked two late goals to keep them in it. Eltham went into the half time break down by 3 points.

At half time Macca knew if his boys kept on digging the rewards would come. “They will come out hard for 5 minutes and that will be it.”


So they did, Frankston fought for a few minutes until they cracked. Birthday boy Billy Jenkin had the quarter of his life in the third term kicking 2 goals and giving them every chance of victory. Eltham felt as tho as they needed one more goal just to get a bit of an edge over Frankston and the captain provided kicking a goal from 55-meters out. Eltham won the quarter easily which gave them an 18 point lead heading into the final term.

For the final time this year Macca asked for one more hard effort. Glasgow had the chance to win the game early in the term but he missed two chances that he would normally nail. Frankston made the most of their opportunities. They kicked the first two goals to bring the margin to 8 points. Eltham who kicked poorly in front of goals missed another two chances and a chance at sealing the victory.


When the siren sounded all the boys came together in a group hugging and celebrating.

Eltham won their first ever State Final for Football winning 7-13- 55 to Frankston’s 7-4-46.


Eltham High School- 7-13- 53

Frankston High School- 7-4- 46

Goal Kickers Eltham: B. Jenkin 2, C. Skidmore 2, J. Turner 2, L Glasgow 1.  

Best Players Eltham: C. Porter, L. Glasgow, J. Turner, B. Jenkin, R. Williams,
O. Weichmann.

Player of the series- Ciaran Porter



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