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Jess Ellisdon 2014

An Inspiration A Winner

She sits there silently not saying a word, she listens but hardly speaks. One day she will be smiling yet other days she will be crying and the worst part is I can’t help her nor can I touch her, I can only watch, watch someone fall apart right in front of me. I can’t ask if she’s ok because it’s clear that she is not. I go home hoping praying that she is ok, that she’s laughing and smiling but the chances of this are low. It’s scary to think that someone you love might not be there the next day or for the rest of your life.                                                                    You may think your life is hard but imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t hug your parents or friends, you couldn’t talk or let out to anyone besides a psychologist, your only way to feel better, to escape, is to hurt yourself. I ask myself why someone like this would want to live this way but there is only one explanation why. She is a fighter, she is strong. Everyday life pushes her down but she always gets back up, even if she doesn’t want to. She looks life in the eye every hour of every day and fights it. One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month or maybe even years from now, I believe she will be able to look herself in the mirror and smile and say, “I am no longer a fighter, I am a winner”.

She’s an inspiration, she’s a winner.  

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