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James Torero 2017


Ventures without cogitation

Deceiving has become an addiction

Unascertained of my identity

My soul has lost its purity


These words are devoid of meaning

My once warm loving touch is now nothing

The corollary of remorse, for all eternity

All these things just follow conformity


Obscurity consumes my anguished heart

Depleted I become I am breaking apart

Acceptance was all that I had asked

These are the repercussions of the past


Then your exquisite eyes I descried

With one glance, my soul you had purified

My peculiarities were conspicuous

I was realised from my selfishness

You were essential to my serenity

Deceitfulness was no longer a necessity

I can’t verbalise what I had felt inside

It was an inconceivable paradise


Then all my dreams had become true

You had told me that “I love you”

Felicity was reached at long last

No more repercussions of the past


The distorted truths are now unravelling

My Ethereal nirvana is lost and breaking

My spirit is consumed by everlasting despair

The scorching fires of hell cannot compare


Unparalleled torment is leaving my unstable

These macabre thoughts are uncontrollable

Her disappearance left me aghast

With my blood on the blade, I’m free at last

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