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Jack Jolly 2016

The Outbreak

It had been 22 days since the outbreak. I am trapped in the old building. I could hear footsteps outside and throughout the building occasionally but I didn’t go to check. I was running low on food and water. Eventually I would have to move out of this place. I don’t even know what to call it. It has been so badly vandalised that it was tough to tell. I think it might have been some sort of school or court room. I was never the smart kid. I hung out with the wrong people. You know those kids that think they are the best but everyone else thinks the complete opposite, yeah, those kids. There was one thing that I was good at and that was survival. I spent all my spare time thinking of situations and how to get out of them but none prepared me for this. The world was turning into hell on earth. There was some sort of virus, making people not into zombies, it was something different. It was like it made everyone hate everyone. Like a rage virus but what do I know?

As I was scouting out this old room there was a massive bang on the door. I stopped, wondering if it was an infected or a survivor. “Who is it?” No reply. “WHO’S THERE?”  All of a sudden the door came crashing down. My heart felt like it was going to shoot out of my chest. I opened my eyes to dust all throughout the air. There was no footsteps, words, grunts or anything at all. Only silence. The dust started to dissipate. I could make out a figure and it could see me. Then there was a crash from down the hallway and the figure ran out on all fours. It was an infected. Then I figured it out. They were drawn to noise. It wasn’t safe in this room anymore. It took ages to find my pack. As headed out as fast as I could and as quietly as I could. As I was near the staircase to the roof I found a map. Someone had been here and had marked a place to go. They circled a spot where they were headed. It was only two kilometres away. I headed there as fast as I could hoping that they would have safety and supplies.


It took me about 6 hours of navigating through building and through alleyways to avoid the infected. I tested my theory and I seemed to be correct. Most time I threw something the infected would race as fast as they could to the place where they heard it. I reached the building and waited out front.


CRACK. I felt a sharp pain shoot up my right arm. I had been shot. Crack. Another shot hit me right in the leg. All of a sudden infected started pouring over my body but not for me, for the gunman. The noise had drawn the infected to the building. They were smashing at the window but they couldn’t through. Whoever was in there had barricaded the building insanely well. More people were appearing on the roof top, opening fire on all the infected. About 10 minutes in there were only a few infected left. The doors opened and people started pouring out of the door, taking out all the infected they could. I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I was being dragged into the building. I was suffering from blood loss. Before I got inside, it all faded to black.

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