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Indigo Mckinnon 2013/14

Catching Clouds


Caught in my hand

Just out of reach

White as snow

Dark as night

Nowhere in sight

Filling the sky

Just another day catching clouds

All he saw was a glimpse

It watched through the curtain

Secret as a ghost

His gaze never faltered

On that little window

He never saw it till that one day


It was pale outside

The sun hiding behind the ominous grey clouds

As the sky let go, no reserves

He paused under that old pine tree


His gaze wandered

As he waited for the rain to cease

His eyes game to rest upon that little window

All he saw was a glimpse

Of the deep black eyes


After that day

His shadow never left him.

For once you gaze deep into the shadows

They never let you go.

We cannot change the past

We cannot undo our wrongs

Only we make the decisions


Sometimes we are wrong

Yet we hardly ever know

We always assume the right


He clutched her hand

Stroked her hair

Tatty and worn

Weary and exhausted

And he heard her final words


Learn, learn from your mistakes.

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