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Indiana Soutar 2013

My mini poem

If I had one day to live
I use it love and to give
What would you do if you did
Before your life has its lid 

Don't Let Me Go


I ran my fingers along the gravestone that stood in front of me. The cold wind blew my hair from my face. I looked back at the grey old gravestone with dead flowers on it’s side. Then I moved some grass from next to the stone, laid myself down and closed my eyes. Then a shadow was created above me.


My eyes shot open like a bullet. I turned left then right. Then got up grabbed all my things and ran. I flew past all the other gravestones and felt a warm touch on my shoulder and turned to see no one.


I got out of the graveyard. Then I looked behind me. Nothing but then I felt pain like a knife stabbing me in the stomach. As soon as it felt like it came out I dropped and everything went deep black.


I opened my eyes to a strange face. I screamed and sat up. “Hey settle down there is no need to worry I found you on the ground while I was passing. You’re ok I just took you to the hospital. They said you’re fine.” He gave me kind gentle smile as I put my palms in my face. His warm hand was holding my other hand.


“Thank you but I must be going I have a little brother to look after… Oh no my car!”

I sat up quickly. The cold bed I was laying on moved as I stood. He stood up,

Grabbed my hands and ran really fast nearly carrying me.


“Stop!” I yelled like a horn. He stopped and gave me a worried face. “I can take you straight to your home.”


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