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Genevieve Broadbent 2018

The Outsiders - Part C

In the novel, ‘The Outsiders’ Hinton suggests that there is little hope of escaping poverty but if you endeavour to succeed you will. In the story Hinton highlights that Ponyboy is the only one with a chance of a successful life. Out of the gang, most of them have dropped out of school to get jobs. This reveals that there is very little hope for them because it is as if they have already given up. Johnny mentions to Ponyboy that he still has “a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.” Johnny is telling Ponyboy this because he knows that there is still light in his future, he is capable of escaping the life they are so called “trapped in.” Being born into poverty does give you limitations, “stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold,” suggests that Ponyboy is special; he may be known as “the outsider” because he is different from everyone else. “The Outsiders” sums up this, even though you may be born into the disadvantage, but there is still little hope for you to obtain a promising life that you have always dreamed of.

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