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Francis Bourke 2014

Murder is Work - The Sequel

Warren woke up with a start. His wrists and ankles were sore from the ropes rubbing. He was in a tent and he could hear voices outside. Warren had a knife down his boot but it was going to be a bit of trouble getting it. As he rolled around trying to get it he accidentally rolled under the canvas of the tent and down the hill. Warren finally got his knife out and cut his ropes. But he didn’t know where to go. He considered using the sun but he didn’t where he was. For all Warren new he was kilometres away from the road. Warren decided he would go west. He had to cover his tracks for a whole kilometre before he could start walking properly.

The sun beamed down at him in the still afternoon the dry sand crunched underneath his feet. Warren had been walking for hours without water he felt exhausted and thirsty. Until he came across the road, he could see the wreckage of the cart, all the oxen were dead he retrieved his friends body he buried it quickly, he turned away and headed west. He walked along it until he could see a town. As he entered the town there was a gasp he turned around and there were the riders, galloping at full speed toward the town. Warren bolted down a few streets and hid in smashed up old pub that was no longer running. He could hear the hoof beats and there leader yell split up. One of the men entered the pub. Warren hid behind some turned over chairs. The man was trying to look calm but Warren could tell he was sweating like a pig. Warren threw a rock across the room below the man’s eye level it hit the wall with a CRACK! He jumped clearly frightened Warren saw his chance, he crept along until he was right near the man and leaped on top of him pushing the gun and tripping the man at the same time. Warren landed on top of the man and broke his neck.

Warren grabbed the man’s gun and crept outside, he figured he could pick them off one by one. Their leader came outside and whistled. All of his men came out Warren ran to the nearest building. He had only just got inside when the other men crept towards the pub. Warren got into a position where he could see into the pub. A man was studying is friend’s body. Warren shot him and crept out a side door of the building. Warren crept along behind the building until he was on the other side of the pub. He spotted the leader and shot his only man left. The leader leapt inside shooting at Warren at the same time. Warren bolted across the road into another building. He hid under a grimy window until he saw the leader pop his head up from behind a window, Warren shot and ran to the upstairs window were he could see down on the leader he shot at him and hit him in the shoulder. The man stricken in pain and agony felt hopeless because he couldn’t get his revenge charged out the door and on the street. Warren shot him in the head.

As Warren sat down exhausted to drink his beer, he sighed, “a day’s work is done.”

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