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Flynn Copeland 2017

Distant Rain

There was a boy named Flynn

 and he liked to jump in the bin.

He is often late to class

But he always gets a late pass.

Flynn does not like the rain

Because he thinks it’s a pain.

Flynn gets detentions everyday

Except in the month of May

Flynn likes to fall off his chair

But it never messes his hair

A Boy Is Going On An Adventure

There is a boy walking out at the middle of the night

He saw something really cool,

Like cloud pictures and then he was tired

He has fallen to sleep

And then he starts dreaming

About he’s gone on an adventure

It was a heroic adventure

To journey to the Dragon

The evil dragon

In the enormous cave

He has all his stuff for his adventure

Sword, trunk, shield and a bow

He’s at the dragon’s keep

The dragon has a princess

He goes inside the cave

And started fighting the dragon to rescue the princess

He uses his sword, bow and shield

The dragon catches him with his claws

The boy stabs the dragon’s hands so he can escape

The dragon whacks him with his tail

It really hurts

The dragon is about to breath fire on him

But the boy uses his shield to block it

He figures out how to kill the dragon

Because he saw a hole in the dragon’s chest

He shot the dragon’s chest by using a very sharp arrow

The dragon is defeated

The boy releases the princess

They kiss

And then the boy wakes up

He forgets where he is

He thought that he might be in his house but then he sees that he is in the Forest because he had been for a walk in the night

He thinks his dream was awesome

He walks back home

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