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Evie Watson Jones 2018

Edward Scissorhands TEEL Paragraph

Tim Burton’s film Edward Scissorhands, explores the theme of impossible love through the characters Edward and Kim who have a deep, emotional connection. However, throughout the film Burton employs camera angles/shots to highlight that Kim and Edward long to be together but seeing as Edward is so different this is not possible. During the ‘Ice Dance’ scene, the ladder Edward is seen standing on represents the distance between the two and that even though they want to be together they can’t. There will always be something blocking them from being with each other. A physical barrier between them. Burton uses a low angle shot to illustrate this. Another example of impossible love in this movie is Edward’s scissor-hands. They are what makes him a unique character. Edward, cannot physically/emotionally connect with Kim without accidentally hurting her. This indicates that they were not meant to be. Throughout the film, colours are used to a large extent in order to outline Edward and Kim’s different personalities. During the ‘Ice Dance’ scene, Kim can be seen in a white dress. (This colour is used to make her appear angelic). Her dress is a symbol of her innocence and purity. Edward on the other hand is wearing his usual black, leather outfit. The dark colours suggest the loneliness Edward has and his monotonous life. Burton compares Edward’s dark clothing with Kim’s light and bright costume to show that they are from different worlds. He also uses colours to suggest that they are opposites and highlight their very different personalities. The ice angel Edward creates is a representation of how Edward sees Kim. During this scene, there is an extreme close-up on Kim’ raised hand as she tries to catch the snow. This is a representation of how she wants to be with Edward but like the snow, he will metaphorically slip through her fingers. The snow in the scene is supposed to convey the message that beauty fades, ice melts, but Kim’s affection for Edward remains. Is this Edward’s only way of safely ‘touching’ Kim? Jim, Kim’s ex-boyfriend is another barrier in their relationship. He is the main antagonist of this movie. Jim is a controlling character and he use his power and authority to intimidate Edward and cast him out. Through the use of camera angels, props, costumes and colours, Burton shows that although the Edward and Kim desperately long to be united they can’t be.

The Arrival 

She knows he must go.

It is for the best.

The bond between them is strong; strong enough to endure time and distance.

No words are needed.

They will share one last cup of tea before his departure.

In a nearby room, a girl wakes.


From her perch at the table, she quietly observes her parents, all the while wondering about the suitcase by the wall.

“Where are you going Papa?”

Her father hesitates, putting his hat on.

“I’ll be back soon, little one.”

“Come here Yasmin. I must dress you warmly. It is cold outside. ”

The little girl stands patiently while her mother fumbles with the buttons on her coat; wisps of dark hair framing her pale face.

“Here you go Papa,” she wheezes as her small arms struggle to hold up her father’s suitcase.

“Thank you Yasmin,” he says gently, taking the heavy case from his daughter’s hands.


The front door shuts softly behind the trio as they leave their home. The sound of their boots on the road echoes throughout the deserted street. The once bustling neighbourhood is now silent. Fear keeps people behind their doors. The community is not what it once was. Hope of a better life is a distant dream for many of the residents of this city.


The air bites at the little girl’s exposed skin. She shivers and tightens her grip on her parents’ hands.


The silence is abruptly replaced by the loud hiss of a train arriving at the station. Black smoke envelopes the trio, causing the small girl to cough. There is a strange buzz at the station, unlike the atmosphere in the city streets. 


Yasmin feels her father’s warm and reassuring hand on her shoulder. His eyes twinkle as he kneels before her and reveals a white paper crane that is hiding beneath his hat.

“When you look at this bird, I want you to remember how much I love you and that I will be back soon.”


Yasmin embraces her father tenderly. Her mother sobs quietly, making an effort to keep her tears under control. She dabs at her eyes with a white handkerchief. The man takes his wife in his arms and whispers words of reassurance and hope in her ear.

“It won’t be long until we can live in peace. Don’t you waste your time worrying about me, think of our future and fix your mind on a better life.”

Confidence in her husband’s strength and will, briefly suppresses any feeling of fear and uncertainty.


“Papa, will you be back soon?” Yasmin inquires. There is a pause while her father ponders his answer.

“So soon it will be like I never left.” The man boards the train and takes hold of his wife and daughter’s hands. As the train begins to move, their hands are forced to let go. They wave farewell until they can no longer make out his face. A faint grey line of smoke trails from the train as it disappears into the distance.


Hand in hand the two figures leave the station in silence, deep in thought.


They tread slowly uphill towards the small brick building they call home.  Breaking the silence, Yasmin asks, “Will Papa be alright all by himself?” Her mother replies after some time.

“I’m sure he will darling. I’m sure he will.”

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