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Ethan Lonsdale 2018

The Magical Tree

Once a year in a little town named Hurstbridge lives a tree. Every year this tree is decorated with little yellow pom-poms. No one knows who decorates the tree. The only thing people know is that the tree is decorated near springtime. The tree is covered from top to bottom.  It is center of the town. Everyone wonders how he or she make so many pom-poms. Every single pom-pom on this magical tree is yellow. I have always wondered up to this day why is it decorated and who decorates it? As I walk past this tree day to day for about two weeks, I stop and stare looking trying to figure it all out. Lately I have realized it is not just this main huge tree but also other little trees scattered around Hurstbridge. So much effort and thought has gone into create such a magical tree. Only if I could find out who does all this hard work.


One day as I was staring at the tree I noticed there was a little curved door leading to inside. I had not noticed this before because it camouflaged in with the tree trunk. However today the door was slightly ajar. I could see a little light and decided to explore inside. As I opened to door, I started to hear a clicking sound. I followed the sound up a winding staircase. As I reached the top, the clicking noise became even louder. I had no idea what was making this sound. I could now also hear voices, all of them from ladies. I gently nocked on the door and a friendly voice said ‘come in.’ As I went inside five ladies sat in a circle all squished and tangled in wool. They were making the pom-poms, the same ones that were decorated on the tree. I could not believe that I had now found out who was making the pom-poms. I told them about wanting to solve the mystery.  They found a tiny spot for me to sit and I spent the rest of the afternoon helping them make more pom-poms. Every pom-pom is hand knitted, they are all yellow because it symbolizes the wattle which comes out at springtime.


I know this might not sound too magical to you but to me all the hard work that goes into making such a wonderful tree is magic to me.

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