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Emma Bourke 2013

Listen, Hurt is Eternal

My familiar friends I must keep going but I’m walking alone.
No one understands, me the pain never really leaves and I need help.
I can’t take anymore. They say that time heals all wounds yet inside I’m hiding these scars.
Maybe now I’ll give up, cause no soul hears my screaming, screaming of my soul that’s bleeding.
No one hears the screams that echo or the rain drops making me shiver, all I can hear is him saying “Don’t give up, I need you.”
I will never give up on you. I know you’re yearning to find your strength, until then I will fight. Even in the night I will help you fight this never ending battle.
Dead but alive, I’m waiting to be noticed, but now I’m already giving up on myself. I’m trying to find any sign of broken light but I’m only left with fragments of myself.
I can’t think of a reason to keep going. This endless nightmare is burning holes in my dreams. I’m slowly breaking down. But I fight, the pain is winning.
Whispers of the broken reaching for the dawn, I can hear them willing me to go on, saying “Can you please keep going? Keep going for us.” My happiness is taking a break but now he has helped me to find the love that is inside me.

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