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Ellis Jones 2013


I hold no prejudices- or at least, I would like to think so.
The least arrogant man is the one who admits it.
The most relevant observation is the most generic one.
A quote is only as important as the man who said it.
Loyalty, chivalry, competency. All irrelevant traits in a politician.
Normalcy is the bane of progress.
Realism is cynicism.
Most paradoxes are extensions of logic.
Problems arise from solutions.
Truth is a perspective.
Optimism is setting yourself up for disappointment.
Pessimism is pre-empting the aforementioned disappointment.
Confidence is indistinguishable from arrogance.
A man is measured not by what he does, but by what others make of it.
Importance is self-perpetuating.
Dwelling on past failures- also known as hindsight.
Time renders all things irrelevant.
Idiocy can not recognise idiocy.
No observation, no matter how foolproof, is foolproof.

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