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Darcy Jem Moore 2013/14


A dream eats up your summer, as the birds float by but like a butterfly you work with time
to leave the hot summer to snow. Feeling love is warm, happy, fun and desired.
Memories come and people laugh, will paint my morning sky. I comfort and
whisper yearly, look magic must play perfect song. Walk us together through
grass so green and make truth livelong. Let light fall from simple spring, see
him shine beauty. After all women would flower in day beneath blue winter. We
only watch above an apple will she believe or change? Keep learning as always,
ask for me, Rain off night there you be.


He was crippled, but only his body was cracked. It’s complicated, let’s just leave it at that.

Ratter tat tat, goes the swing of the bat as it imprints its wood in his skull.

One year it would take, for his skull to retake, its shape, colour, life form and all.

They said they did tests that the signs looked good, they even said that pills eased the pain and that Lil and I never understood.

We understood alright, there’s no doubt about that. We stood there and watched as he never came back.

Scribbled up pages in and old lousy notebook. Thirteen was his age. Thirteen, well he should have been playing in school instead of being a fool.

His body was cracked and he was a cripple and now he is very much six feet undisturbed rubble.

He was a cripple but only his body was cracked. And he is never coming back; can we leave it at that?

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