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Darcy Green 2015


Little by little she started becoming more visible. When she came closer you could start seeing the smaller details of her body. She was abnormally skinny and had very thin brittle hair. Her face seemed tired. Like she was disappointed with something. I didn’t know what but I had an urge to find out.  

I wanted to start the conversation with something friendly. So I wouldn’t come off too strong.

“Hello” I said with as much friendliness as I could conjure up for a total stranger. She replied with a small hand gesture.

We stood in each other’s presence for about a full 3o seconds just waiting for something to happen.

“I’m Freya.” I said.  

‘I know’

Wait what? What does she mean ‘she knows’.

‘Oh. Have we met before?” I asked trying to conceal my complete confusion of the situation.

She looked at me with slightly sadder eyes. She was hinting something so much. I wish I could just know. I wish that I could relate to her in some way and let her know how much I wanted to know about her.

‘Come closer’ she whispered.

I did as she asked

‘Even closer”

I stepped right up to her face. I studied it for a minute. She had a small nose and big, slowly blinking eyes. Her lips were thin and very pale. Her complexion was grey and old and the bags around her eyes were a stale blue tone.  She wasn’t very nice looking but it only keep me more interested.

Her eyes met mine and I could feel my heart getting faster as her pupils dilated. My mind closed over as I stared into her eyes. They were so pure. So full of nothing. I could hear her voice in my head.

‘Closer’ she said. ‘Closer’

‘I know. I’m coming’ 

‘You’re a good girl Freya. A nice girl’

‘A good girl. A nice girl. A good girl. A nice girl’

I found myself in a trance saying the words over and over again.

‘A good girl. A nice girl. A good girl. A nice girl.

I was so full of the words that I didn’t even notice her eyes, moving, swirling inwards.

She grabbed me and I felt it. She pulled me in. Her eyes still in my head and the words still in my mouth.

A brilliant shot of light came from her eyes and I blinked.

She was gone.

I felt the slump of regret. I knew now. I knew what she knew about me that I wanted to know about her.

I just knew.

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