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Darcy Green 2017

Reckless Boy

Inside of his endearing features lay his bones, once scratched at

Once beaten and thinned all by himself

He once sat, petrified to even lean

"I have to thicken" he said.

"Others will know how frail I really am if I don't"

The reckless boy thickened himself until he was dense.

Dense enough to shed not even a tear.


He has no past here, the reckless boy, 

Once moved, it was final, he was new

As new boys did, he was true to the fresh

He scraped his knees and then his knuckles

He took off his amour and then his pants

He founded himself and others followed


Double dared by histories best,

leading his very own pack,

The reckless boy was filled with rage and still delight.

Romantic in revolt, he took his pride out for walks in the park


"I'm not very strong now am I?",

He whispered to his lover’s knees

Rhetorical questions were the boy’s special talent

“Reckless boy, you have charm, and you use it well”

The unfamiliarity of comfort within his lovers soft spoken words,

erupted a rapid current he thought was buried and dead.


Somebody’s son was questioning all he had ever fought for,

All she could do was love the poor reckless boy,

Thin boned, wound heavy, ego bursting,   

He was everything thing that the caretaker dreamed of

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