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Chloe Beard 2013


Dark winter mornings,
Abundance of snow and ice,
My, my, it’s quite cold.

Meaning: Its dark and cold (obviously winter) and it may not seem pleasant to some people.


As the sun rises,
A new day is beginning,
Make a day of bliss.

Meaning: The sun has risen for you. Don’t waste your day and make the most of it by being happy.


A life has begun,
Experience amazing,
But all good things end.

Meaning: Take advantage of life and enjoy the experience because one day, you may not be here.


The sound of raindrops,
On a dark, cold winter day,
Many will find bliss.

Meaning: Doesn’t really have a meaning, I personally enjoy the sound of rain because it is peaceful and relaxing.


They say love is life,
But life has something better,
Peanut Butter Cups.

Meaning: (Miss Clarke) This has absolutely no meaning, I just wrote this while I was eating a peanut butter cup.


Rain, Rain, Go away,
Come again another day,
But it’s still winter?

Meaning: I stole half of this from a rhyme, but I find it has irony to it. Usually it rains when its winter and if its winter, there is obviously going to be a lot of rain and terrible weather with plenty more to come.

All good things must end,
Even flowers wilt away,
Plastic flowers don’t.

Meaning: I wrote this as a random haiku but I think if I were to look for a meaning, it would mean: things don’t have to end, anything has the possibility to stay alive and live on.









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