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Catherine Walters 2013

The Maple Tree

He buried her beneath the maple tree. Adam was built up with rage going wild in his dark amber eyes as he smoothed the dirt over her dead body.  Crimson blood dripping off his warn out fingertips as he dropped the was strange seeing how fragile and delicate Alice looked as she took the final blow beneath the night sky. She was the fighter who did everything perfectly, but everyone knew that that was just part of the fighter strong in her blood passed down for generations.
Not one single mission would fail and then at the end she would fall weak and for a moment she would show one of those wicked smiles of hers as she played the battle in her head over again with blades flying, punches being thrown around and switch blades dancing feicly in one another’s hands like a wild fire jumping from house to house. Alice would more so swiftly with no trace of fear in her glowing. No one had had ever even had the slightest chance of finishing her off…well at least for good.
 All her enemies were like a deer caught in the head lights, lost with nowhere to run, as soon as that wicked smile of hers emerged onto her visual expressions. Except for Adam he was the perfect match for Alice, possibly even the only one who could save her from her horrid fate…but he knew that it was already too late. The darkness had already started to devour Alice so he had to destroy her before the hunger took over Alice completely and she awoke Adams true fate as well.

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