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Brodie Ward 2014


Secrets of the Sky


On the eleventh of October in the year 2013 there was, a middle-aged woman named Aisha. She had long flowing chocolate brown hair, her eyes were the brightest hazel, her skin was the average colour which was a pinkish white, and she was single as of recently her husband had been murdered. She was in an air ambulance because she was being transported to the nearest hospital as she was going to having a baby in a few weeks, so she is going early in case something happens.

There was a storm going on and unfortunately she had to fly through it. In the distance she saw a strange looking cloud that was purple. The pilot shouted out to them that they had to fly through it because if they went another way they would die from being struck by lightning. So in they went, and as they did there was a flash of purple light and all of a sudden they seemed to have transported into the year 3421 in small city known as Kintle.

Aisha looked down and saw people killing each other and straight away she knew she was in a war zone. “Where are we?” asked Aisha in a scared sort of tone. The pilot took a long look over everything and finally replied “in a different dimension?” but he wasn’t completely sure. After a while few of the fighters looked up and the one in the middle took a few steps forward yelling at the top of his lungs, “FIRE!” Around thirty seconds later five people had come back with gun like weapons. Eventually one of them used their gun and fired at the helicopter.

What came out of the gun seemed to be a metal ball the size of a marble with some blue energy source around it. The metal ball expanded to around the size of a large beach ball. Both Aisha and the paramedic next to her both screamed in such horror and sadness. It seemed like everything was going in slow motion as the metal ball was flying at the helicopter. Aisha closed her eyes and thought happy thoughts. There was a loud bang and an explosion and Aisha got so scared she passed out and all sounds dulled down to a silence as she went to sleep.

Aisha opened her eyes and looked around. She wondered where she could be. Aisha stood up and then remembered that she was in a helicopter crash, but she didn’t have a single scratch was on her. “How odd?” she said quietly to herself as she looked around. After a few minutes of looking in glass cases and book shelves she then guessed she was in a huge, old museum.

In her head she was having visions of what had happened on the helicopter and then felt unsafe and scared. She was definitely scared of the things that were shot at her in the helicopter. Aisha placed her hand on her stomach and stroked it like she would to a child. Aisha then had a sudden thought if her baby was still alive but thankfully she felt a slight kick inside of her. “Thank you! Thank you!” she muttered to herself with her eyes closed with strong relief.

There seemed to be very little light in the building, but the light that did come in was from a little skylight in the roof. Aisha walked around and then eventually found a little payment desk in the store room. She examined it for a bit and then noticed a little cupboard on the side of the desk that had the words “emergency supplies”, so Aisha opened it and took a look inside. The contents of the kit included matches, candles, batteries, a torch, food, water bottle, emergency kit, a working pocket watch, a gun and a backpack. Aisha tucked the gun into her belt and put batteries in the torch. She put the supplies in her backpack and begun to walk around to explore.

At around six o’clock she began to feel hungry. Aisha looked through her backpack and found her food container. Luckily everything was still edible. As she ate she wondered how she got here and why everything was still in use and fresh. Aisha decided to eat an apple, a curry/casserole type dish, some biscuits and some nuts.

Finally Aisha noticed a little green button on top of the curry container. Feeling rather curious and somewhat scared and excited she closed her eyes and pressed the button. “BING!” the button said in a high pitched tone. Aisha opened her eyes again and found that there was more food, “What!” Aisha yelled out and was very thankful that she wouldn’t starve to death.

After a meal that made her feel so bloated she wasn’t sure if she had twins or too much food, she just sat and thought about her home and how she would get back. Aisha then finally got up and walked in a different direction than that of before. She faced a long hallway with many doors on the sides of it, and Aisha walked slowly down it reading on the doors lining the hallway.

Finally she reached the end of the hallway which had a black door with bright gold stars and moons on it. Aisha read the sign on the door and it said planetarium and Aisha being Aisha she opened the door and went inside. Inside was a massive room filled with books, maps, star charts and many other things. Aisha looked up at the roof and noticed it was in a dome shape and around the edges were symbols she had never seen before. Upon investigating these symbols she realised they were a code. So Aisha walked over to the bookcase in the corner and to hopefully find a book that would teach her how to read the code and with her luck she did after a long time of searching.

The title of this book was “codes and symbols of space.” Aisha went to look at the author’s name but for some strange some reason there was nothing there except some little symbols like the ones on the roof. Aisha opened the book and just sat and read for hours and hours until eventually Aisha finished the book and then looked up and then she was able to read the symbols on the roof. Once she was done she had such a happy and mischievous feeling, and was almost jogging around the planetarium as if she was looking for something in particular.

Within five minutes of searching Aisha had found a door in the back of the janitor’s closet that had “scraps” engraved on it. Aisha’s face light up and she entered and did not come out at all for several days. Eventually when she did she had a middle-sized object covered over a white cloth. Aisha pulled it around in one of the janitor’s buckets with wheels.

Aisha was now walking around the museum again to find a place to sleep. She looked in the section of the museum that was on history. Eventually Aisha found a bed that had manikins in it so she removed them and fell asleep almost instantly. When she awoke she felt so much better and really hungry so she grabbed her container and had some pasta, pear, chips and sundried apricot.

She got up and took out her hair tie and brushed her hair as best as she could with her fingers and then put it back up in a high ponytail. Basically she just stayed in bed all morning because she had already explored the whole museum and couldn’t be bothered looking at it again. Aisha finally got up because she needed the bathroom and within about seven minutes she found one. When she had walked back to her “bed” just before she sat down she felt a sudden liquid burst and drip down her legs and onto the floor, “OH MY GOD!” she screamed in a panic tone, “not now, really?” but she tried to stay as calm as she could about this whole situation.

She just decided to lie down in the bed and let this process happen in its own. Aisha was screaming non-stop for about five to six hours. After constant pain Aisha suddenly feels a relief but then notices the umbilical cord is still on her new born baby. She didn’t know what exactly what to do with the cord but had a slight idea what do. As she looked in her bag for something to cut the cord with she felt around and around the bag for about a minute and the found a hidden zip pocket in the top that had a little pocket knife. Aisha grabbed her umbilical cord as tight as she could and cut the cord slowly and carefully and then afterwards she picked up her baby and took him to the bathroom and gave him a thorough clean.

She brought him back to the bed and said to him, “I love you very much and I shall name you Novo.”  She then lay in bed with him and just talked to him and stroked his stomach. Suddenly there was a loud bang and Aisha heard men screaming and running towards her. After her initial panic she calmed herself a little bit and grabbed the object she had made in the scraps cupboard and took off the white cloth.

The object was a rocket ship in which she placed Novo inside. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered to him “I love you.” She locked him up with a harness strap and shut the glass door and hit a little red button to make the rocket fly up into the sky and into space to a secret planet called Zintuki. Aisha looked and whispered to herself “I believe in you.”

17 years later

Novo had now become a proud member of the Kinteiy tribe and was learning about their history and why they hated humans and why they keep their planet a secret. He decided to become leader of this tribe as everyone liked him because he was sent there by the powers of the stars, and only certain people know how to do so.

Novo is now proud as leader and is setting everyone up for battle. They all get in their spaceships and started them. “Where are we going and who are we battling, great powerful one?” asked one of the members.

“Earth” he replied sharply with a very angry happy sort of face.

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