Brock Manson 2014

Passion fuels our essence, a fundamental emotional component of our world. 
It is a perception like no other, a key tool to be applied on the pursuit of happiness and is a crucial element to the concept of happiness itself. 
Passion enables an individual to enter a euphoric state of bliss in which provides a sense of belonging and purpose… Granting them the ability to neglect the materialistic world by losing oneself in the beautiful eager atmosphere fueled by an adrenaline rush that bestows intense motivation and hunger for success. 
Every individual to walk the earth possesses a passion in which holds a vital place in this world, each unique among the diverse range of passions maintained by those around us. This passion is often depicted as a ‘gift’, in which when fostered through the use of dedication and incentive is developed to become a talent - your ‘gift’ to the world. Your gift is what sparks envy in the hearts of others, brightens your core and is the elixir that immortalizes you as the founder of a legacy that will live on forever, marking the world with an indescribable beauty. 
Embrace this passion, for it is a rare concept where your dreams meet the brink of reality, and when experienced fades the materialistic world. 



"I’ve never understood why dreams were associated with the symbolistic cloud until now, as we look above, clouds look just out of reach, yet they are not as close as they seem.. Just like our dreams"

"There is evil inside all of us, however each individual has a different trigger in which provokes them to expose it"

“Sometimes you focus so intently on one thing, that the rest of the world begins to fade away” 
 "Sometimes each bump in the road that is life can grant us the necessary wisdom and growth to prepare us for the next, and the ability to be able to it not as a bump, but a mere stepping stone towards our dreams"

 "Take all the pain and anger that has built up inside you and channel that raw emotion into fuel to ignite the spark that is your passion, creating a positive from a negative"

Disapproval from others

Even the most admired people throughout history had people who did not approve of them, for the soul reason that each and every individual on this earth has a completely different perception on life and therefore on what an ideal member of society is. The disapproval of others is merely a reflection of their own array of insecurities, limitations and outlook on the place our world is, and has nothing to do with who you are and where you are going.