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Bonnie Bradley 2015


Branches, leaves, flowers,
Birds, nests and happy hours,
suddenly there are criminal scratches,

Marks and wounds from fatal axes,

Trees are falling, birds are cawing,

Anguished cries of desperation.


Houses, shops, and roads too,

Making way for people, just like you.

But what about the animals?

Where will they go?

What will they do without a home?

Greedy, needy, selfish people!

Ruining lives and creating a pickle,

All for what? New updates?

Well, you soon see what a drama that makes.


Easy, breezy, relaxing lives

It’s just like that, in our eyes. 

But, what about the trees and the bees,

And the birds and the leaves?

They’ve got it tough you know,

It’s not that easy living without a home.


With hurt in their eyes and scars in their hearts,

The animals ready to depart,

For they have no home,

So their fate is unknown.

There’s an action to be had,

For this scene is just too sad.

But what can be done?

After all, it never seemed to hurt no one.


But, without the trees the bees

And the birds and the leaves,

People are nothing.
Because with the trees and the bees

And the birds and the leaves,

We have gifts.

Loads and loads of plentiful gifts.

And with those gifts we make a living,

From the trees and their generous giving.

But what do we do?


Dying, fading, crumbling, vanishing.

A barren world, of our very own making.

Fog filled skies,

Of crimson cries,

As life as we know it dies.

But then, a beacon of appears.

Hope, faith and surety restore.

And the earth is beautiful once more.


The trees, the animals,

The love and the peace,

Return and flourish,

And the tyrants cease.


For you took action and made a plea,

Because you saw what trees can truly be.

This can happen, so it’s up to you,

To choose a path.

You know what to do.

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